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Ukraine Update April 22–24, 2014

Global Research: Shale Gas Fracking and America’s Proxy War against Russia: Joe Biden Promotes Fracking On Ukraine Trip

Justin Raimondo: Why we needed regime change in Kyiv

RT: Putin advocates single cultural space within Russian borders

This is why Russia must be smashed. We cannot have a global empire if every country strives to maintain its ethnic and cultural distinctness. Ethnic and cultural unity underlie the power of the nation state and its resistance to an international plutocracy that seeks to impose a global governance via unelected institutions such as the World Bank, the IMF, the UN, Nato, the EU, the World Trade Organization, all of which are susceptible to influence by the money power.

Zero Hedge: Russia May Halt Oil Supplies On Ukraine Theft

Zero Hedge: Putin Gets Paid? IMF Agrees $17bn Loan To Ukraine

Washington's Blog: The REAL Reasons We’re Drifting Towards World War III

WUFYS: Welcome to Nulandistan

RT: Kiev must immediately deescalate east Ukraine crisis, call back troops - Moscow

The Daily Beast: Germany Helped Prep Russia for War, U.S. Sources Say

Europe acquiesced in occupation by the US after WWII out of fear of invasion and occupation by the Soviet Union. Today, Europe does not fear post-Communist Russia. In fact many Europeans respect Russia's determination to survive as a nation state by reversing a population implosion while preventing mass immigration from the Third World.

The United States occupation of Europe can only be maintained by creating a new division between East and West. Germany, apparently, is not on board. Neither, as the up-coming European elections will prove, are huge numbers of other Europeans who want governments committed to national survival not the New-Wold-Order-mandated self-genocide through the promotion of non-reproductive sex, mass immigration and multiculturalism.

Moreover, Russia is the EU's third largest single-nation trade partner and there is scope for massive expansion in that partnership. Given the choice, Europe will opt for more trade not more war. But first they have to get the deadly dangerous US Empire off their backs. To that end, German collaboration with Russia in the mutual enhancement of military capability makes good sense.

Bloomberg: Tightwad USA: Ukraine’s Unpaid Russian Gas Bills Dwarf U.S. Aid Offer
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden told Ukrainian leaders this week that the U.S. would provide help so that “Russia can no longer use energy as a weapon.” Biden announced $50 million in aid, an unspecified part of which would go to develop the country’s gas reserves, explore alternative energy and improve efficiency.
LOL. At $220 million, even Canada gave Ukraine more than four times as much as the tightwad USA — and that was only a gimmick to buy the Ukrainian-Canadian vote in next year's Federal election. Still, if it comes to killing Russians, the United States of Aggression will no doubt be much, much more generous.

Zero Hedge: Russia Warns West "Remove Forces"; Begins Military Exercise On Ukraine Border

ITAR TASS: Washington uses Ukraine as pawn in its big geopolitical game

UTube: US State Department Proof of Russian Involvement in East Ukraine Protest Movement

NEO: Does the CIA plan a Syrian style terror war in Ukraine?
... The mutinies among the security forces in the East must have rattled Kiev, even though they should have expected it. After all, it is a majority-Russian region. We next heard Right Sector’s Dimitry Yarosh is calling up his “army” to get ready to purify the East. Then President Turchinov strangely claimed he is deploying a reservist regiment of 350 to begin operations. Where, I ask, are the regular army units? Interim Interior Minister, Arsen Avakov, has announced the creation of special Interior ministry units based on “civilian components” all across Ukraine, in order to tackle separatist moods. On his Facebook page Avakov says Kiev is ready “to attract” 12,000 into the new force that will be given arms, equipment and supervision, and he further claims that East Ukraine will get the first taste of this unit. Does that sound like he is deploying Army units to you? Are these 12,000 Yarosh’s Right Sector thugs, or another group in addition to them? Did Brennan promise to fly in some of the CIA terror proxies they have stashed all over, like the Chechens who would be close by, and a sure bet for baiting the Russians? ...
Andrew Gavin Marshall: The West Marches East, Part 1: The U.S.-NATO Strategy to Isolate Russia

RT: Lavrov: Kiev issued 'criminal order' allowing use of weapons against civilians

Patrick Buchanan: Nationalism Not NATO Brought Down The Soviet Empire: Let The People Resolve The Ukrainian Borders, Too
While Putin may want the Russians of Ukraine and Belarus back inside a Greater Russia, does anyone think he wants Rumanians, Bulgarians, Poles, Hungarians, Czechs or Slovaks back under Moscow’s rule?

Putin knows that his own popularity, near 80 percent, is due directly to his being seen as a nationalist willing to stand up to the Americans and their claim to be sole architects of the New World Order.

...If we can view with diffidence the drive by Scotland to secede from England, Catalonia to secede from Spain, Venice to secede from Italy, and Flanders to secede from Belgium, why would the secession of the Donbass from Ukraine be a problem for us, if done democratically?
News 1130: Canadian diplomat expelled from Russia as Tension Rises Over Ukraine

So far, all comments on this story are critical of the Harper regime's crass Russophobia.

Robert Parry: The lies of the warmongering New York Times

Kevin MacDonald: Breaking up Ukraine along ethnic lines
...Ukraine had a reasonably functioning multiethnic state until the American attempts to destabilize it by supporting one side against the other. A multiethnic state could work especially, as in this case, when the peoples are closely related and the ethnic fault lines are deemphasized .... But the recent overthrow of the government by the non-Russian population makes the ethnic fault lines clear and also conflicts with the legitimate interests of Russia in territory that has been part of Russia since Catherine the Great...
Jason Ditz: Russia FM: Ukraine Crudely Violating Geneva Deal

Ron Maxwell: Not a Munich Moment

Reuters: Ukraine peace deal falters as rebels show no sign of surrender

John Helmer: Putin warns of US navy threat


Friday, April 18, 2014

Ukraine April 18–21, 2014

RT: Stalin victims incl Crimean Tatars rehabilitated by Putin decree

David Stockman: Good Job, “Yats”: Why The Neocons Subverted The Ukraine
... besides baiting Obama over his tempered words about the crisis, the [Washington] Post (Jeff Bezos, Prop.) declared that “Mr. Obama and European leaders must act quickly to prevent Ukraine’s dismemberment. Missing from the president’s statement was a necessary first step: a demand that all Russian forces – regular and irregular – be withdrawn … and that Moscow recognize the authority of the new Kiev government. … If Mr. Putin does not comply, Western leaders should make clear that Russia will pay a heavy price.”

The Post editors are fond of calling for ultimatums against various countries, especially Syria and Iran, with the implication that if they don’t comply with some U.S. demand that harsh actions, including military reprisals, will follow.

But now the neocons, in their single-minded pursuit of endless “regime change” in countries that get in their way, have taken their ambitions to a dangerous new level, confronting nuclear-armed Russia with ultimatums.
Americans and others who disagree with WaPo might consider an ultimatum to Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of Amazon.com and owner of the the Post. End the warmongering or face a boycott of Amazon.com by those opposed to the NeoCon clique intent on using America as a sledgehammer to establish a plutocratic global empire.

The American Interest: Ukraine’s Debt And Putin’s Upper Hand

The American Interest: The Putin Doctrine: Myth, Provocation, Blackmail, or the Real Deal?

Washington Times: Tactical advantage: Russian military shows off impressive new gear

VOR: Biden confirms US backing for Neo-Nazis in Kyiv

RT: Lavrov: US should face responsibility for powers it installed in Kiev

Zero Hedge: Provocation in Eastern Ukraine

Zero Hedge: Have No Fear, Joe Biden Is Here (Or Rather, In Kiev)

Zero Hedge: John Kerry Admits Geneva "Deal" Worthless

Haaretz: Russian activists staged shooting, Ukrainian forces say

Hey, we're the people who do the false flags, not you pro-Russian, terrorists.

Rabble.ca: Harper on Russia: America's useful idiot?

China Topix: China Prepares Massive Investments in Crimea
...in a direct snub of the Americans, China will abandon a planned $5 billion solar power plant in Nevada and invest the money in Crimea, instead.
Haaretz: Ukraine synagogue reportedly firebombed

Robert Parry: Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Imperative

Alexander Orlov: US is losing its positions in the Middle East due to the Ukrainian Crisis

Poop Murdoch's London Timesey: US ready to target Russian president’s hidden $40bn stash

Not a scrap of evidence offered by The Times for its claim that Putin has a private stash of $40 billion, which seems extravagant even for a "New Hitler" (Hitlery Clinton, Registered Insult). Amazing, though, to read such driveling propaganda in what proclaims itself to be: "the UK's most read quality daily newspaper for business people". Are Britain's business people all dunderheaded fools or what?

Such references to "Putin's stash" are as ridiculous as the story about the $50 billion-dollar Sochi Olympics, peddled ad nauseam by the MSM without the slightest attempt at justification. See: Who’s Lying About the Cost of the Sochi Winter Olympics?.

Anyone interested in actual evidence of Putin's wealth might start with Wikipedia's Putin entry which is somewhat informative and apparently written by someone who is not dealing strictly in lies.

Putin evidently lives very well at state expense, but the only established evidence to support the contention that he has a stash of illegally accumulated wealth is his unconcealed possession of many expensive wrist watches. But heads of state receive many gifts, including wrist watches. For example, as Denis Healey recorded, UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson appropriated a chunky gold Rolex watch that had been a gift to Denis Healey of a Pakistani chieftain, titled the Akond of Swat (Page 8, Paragraph 2).

RT: Pentagon mulls deployment as Poland asks for 10,000 troops

Ten thousand US troops woudl be just enough to start a war, far too few to win it. Russia, having 22 million males fit for military service.

Mirror: Military intervention in Ukraine risks spiralling into 'all-out war' with Russia

The Brits have an intelligence bureaucracy to tell them that?

VoltaireNet: Ukraine: Poland trained putchists two months in advance

ITAR_TASS: Provocation in Slavyansk proves Kiev’s not willing to disarm extremists - Russia’s FM

VOR: Slavyansk mayor asks Russia to send peacekeepers in wake of deadly night attack

Zero Hedge: Donetsk "Letter To Jews": An Obvious Forgery Except to John Kerry

BBC: Ukraine Nationalists Blamed for Killing at Road Check Point in Sloviansk

Tony Cartalucci: NATO's Pet Nazis Savage Ukrainian Presidential Candidate

Global Research: The Ukraine Imbroglio and the Decline of the American Empire

Yahoo: Russia Reinforces Troops on Ukraine Border
A Kremlin Spokesman said: (Ukraine) is a country where there has just been a military coup, so naturally any country is going to take particular precautionary measures in terms of ensuring its security."

He said as a sovereign state, Russia was free to deploy troops anywhere on its territory without restrictions. He denied allegations that the Russian military was interfering in events inside Ukraine territory. Those assertion were, said Peskov "completely wrong."
NY Times: U.S. Plans Military Drills in Eastern Europe
The land-force exercises the Obama administration is planning are extremely modest.
The exercise in Poland, which is expected to be announced next week, would involve a United States Army company and would last about two weeks, officials said. A company consists of about 150 soldiers.
Plus 20 Canadians. Don't forget them. LOL

NY Times: Twin Shocks Shake Foundation of German Power

NY Times: In Cold War Echo, Obama Strategy Writes Off Putin

But the rise of China and other Third-World nations ready to trade with Russia and engage in re-working the global monetary order and security system has made both Obama and the "indispensable nation" increasingly dispensable to Putin if need be.

And in Germany, it must be increasingly clear that the US of A may be more dispensable than Russia.

PBS: Obama – Our forces superior to Russia's

William Lind: An Officer Corps That Can’t Score
...our officers live in a bubble. Even junior officers inhabit a world where they hear only endless, hyperbolic praise of “the world’s greatest military ever.” They feed this swill to each other and expect it from everyone else. If they don’t get it, they become angry. Senior officers’ bubbles, created by vast, sycophantic staffs, rival Xerxes’s court. Woe betide the ignorant courtier who tells the god-king something he doesn’t want to hear. (I know—I’ve done it, often.)
AmConMag: In Ukraine, Not All Uprisings Are Equal

VOR: Whatever US may do, Putin has already won - Fox News analyst

WaPo: U.S. ground troops going to Poland, defense minister says

Reuters: Russia criticizes Washington's assessment of accord on Ukraine

RT: Putin Speaks —"Against whom are you going to use the artillery and aircraft?"

Jim Dean: East Ukraine Babushkas Beat Back Kiev Coup


Robert Parry: Ukraine and The Dangerous Neocon-R2P Alliance

Mike Shedlock: "Insatiable" Idiocy from the Economist on What to Do About Russia; Warmongers Can't Think

The whole point of the Economist, the Financial Times, the New York Times, The WST, the National Putz, you name it, is to prevent you from thinking by filling your mind with an enless stream of lying garbage. And the marvelous thing about the newspaper and magazine business is that people not only pay to have their immortal soul filled with trash, but actually feel intellectually and morally superior to anyone whose mind has not been so polluted.

Mike Shedlock: On the asininity of a peace accord made without consultation with one side to the dispute

Mike Shedlock: Ukraine Accord: Key Uninvited Group to Peacy Party Doesn't Like the Deal

RT: ‘Letter to Jews’, which Kerry cited, appears to be fake

RT: Kiev halts military op. in East Ukraine, promises Russian language status choice

Guardian: Pro-Russian separatists defiant as Ukraine peace moves flounder

New York Times: Ukraine Push Against Rebels Grinds to Halt
SLOVYANSK, Ukraine — A military operation that the Ukrainian government said would confront pro-Russian militants in the east of the country unraveled in disarray on Wednesday with the entire contingent of 21 armored vehicles that had separated into two columns surrendering or pulling back before nightfall. It was a glaring humiliation for the new government in Kiev.
Carry the Flag: East Ukraine Jew Registration Tale Reeks of CIA Psyop

Itar-Tass: Europe understands there is no backtracking on Crimea — Russian EU ambassador

No, Russia must retreat and accept public humiliation for recovering its Black Sea naval base from the US-backed Neo-Nazis in Kyiv, otherwise the US of Arrogance would be humiliated, which can never be.


RINF: NATO Lies About US/German Pledge Not to Move Nato Forces Eastward

Zero Hedge: Russia Confirms Troop Build-Up Near Ukraine; Warns West, More Sanctions "Absolutely Unacceptable"

BBC: Eastern Ukraine militants snub Geneva deal on crisis

John Pilger: Nato's action plan in Ukraine is right out of Dr Strangelove

Zero Hedge: Ukraine Tanks Stopped By Unarmed Woman

Zero Hedge: Ukraine "De-escalation" Voided As Pro-Russia Militia Refuse To Vacate Occupied Buildings
... the Ukraine "separatist" milita... has announced that they will only leave the occupied east Ukraine buildings if the interim government in Kiev resigns.

... in an amusing twist, the militia has flipped the Geneva agreement on its head, alleging that if they are to abide by a signed document, so should the "illegitimate" government, which as a reminder took power following a US-assisted coup, even though an explicit agreement was signed on February 21 between Ukraine and western powers previously retaining Yanukovich as president of the country, and ushering in presidential elections later in 2014.
Zero Hedge: Putin's Top 10 Q&A Quotes: "The US Will Cut Off Their Nose To Spite Their Face"

Global Research: $30 Billion Oil Pipeline to Be Built from Russia to India through Northwest China

RT: Kiev: Military operation in Ukraine southeast to go on despite Geneva agreement

RT: Obarmy — Screw the Geneva Agreement, We're Imposing More Sanctions on Russia

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How the people of Ukraine deal with a criminal and incompetent leadership

According to RT, dozens of Ukrainian troops sent by the Kyiv Neo-Nazi junta to "destroy" the "terrorists" in Eastern Ukraine have surrendered their armoured vehicles and withdraw from Slavyansk.
Reports from Slavyansk say that the army troops sent to the eastern Ukrainian city for an “anti-terrorist operation” are leaving en masse. Some troops are openly voicing support for the eastern Ukrainians, while others are speaking out against a war.

According to Interfax, citing local self-defense activists, some 300 Ukrainian troops agreed to lay down their weapons and “go home” following negotiations in Slavyansk.
The common people of Ukraine thus demonstrate their superiority in intelligence and morality to that of both their US-backed Nazi leaders and the the leadership of the rest of Europe, which has failed to make the slightest constructive contribution to a solution to the Ukraine crisis created by criminal US interference in the internal affairs of the sovereign independent state of Ukraine.

RT: EU spy chief rules out Russian military presence in Ukraine
FT via Mike Shedlock: Ukraine Rebel PM, Arseney Yatsenyuk, Reports Move to Grant Greater Regional Autonomy, as Ukraine Army Units Defect to Separatists
Better hurry Arse, or the separatists will have achieved independence without aid of Kyiv's Neo-Nazties
RIA Novosti: Sanctions on Russia Would Devastate Businesses – French-Russian Commerce Group
That's what's cool about sanctions. It hits both Russia and the EU, while leaving the United States of Aggression untouched and free to gloat.
RIA Novosti: US, EU Irresponsible Policies May Unleash Civil War in Ukraine — Professor Salim Lamrani
May unleash civil war. So what? We just wanna smash those Commie Russian bastards and if we have to kill every Ukrainium first, so what? SpokesPerson for the President of the Unhinged Sociopaths of America
RIA Novosti: Ukrainian Official Claims Armored Vehicle Desertions Were Guerrilla Tactic
StrataRisks: NATO Bolsters Defenses With Air, Sea Patrols on Russia’s borders
Reuters: Pro-Russia separatists take armor, humiliating Ukraine forces
The way Reuters spins this, the Ukrainian forces were gutless wimps and the separatists humiliated them. In fact, the incident demonstrates the triumph of humanity over the murderous intentions of a sociopathic American Empire intent on seizing control of a sovereign state by means of a violent Nazi-backed coup.

Clearly the bastards in Kyiv banging on about destroying autonomy seeking Russians and Russian-speakers do not represent the will of the Ukrainian people: Vivre L'Ukraine. Out with the Nazi usurpers.
The Gurudian: Ukraine crisis: Nato to bolster forces in eastern Europe
AntiWar.com: United Sociopaths of America endorses civil war in Ukraine
Global Research: US-Backed Crackdown Threatens Civil War in Ukraine
Global Research: Ukraine: Lies and Realities – “We Can See the Wide Net of US Agents Operating in Many Key Organizations”
Jim Dean: Does the CIA plan a Syrian style terror war in Ukraine?
Zero Hedge: Tanks Flying Russian Flag Enter East Ukraine City
RT: 'US miscalculated will of Ukrainian people'
VOR: Villagers stop armored column of Ukrainian troops near Lugansk
Mike Whitney: Is Putin Being Lured Into a Trap?
RT: Anti-govt protesters seize Ukrainian APCs, army units 'switch sides' (VIDEO)
RT: Kiev military op in eastern Ukraine LIVE UPDATES

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ukraine: Catapulting the Propaganda, the National Putz and Stephen Harper, the Mighty Mouse of the North

Is this the most pathetic editorial cartoon ever, or what? I mean, a cartoon's supposed to be witty isn't it? Well not at the Putz, apparently.  Their cartoon simply catapults the propaganda in the crudest form.

In that respect, the Post cartoon is remarkably similar to the most recent statement on Ukraine from Stephen Harper, a man too autistic to engage in diplomacy, but unhesitating in reiterating Washington's unsubstantiated allegations of Russian intervention in Ukraine. The US, of course, in Harper's one-dimensional mind, is entirely free to interfere in Ukrainian affairs (to the tune of $5 billion invested in a violent Nazi-backed coup in Kyiv, as boasted of by US Assistant US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland).

Perhaps Harper's irresponsible remarks were scripted by Washington and uttered on command, as on at least one previous occasion. But Canadians would do well to seek a more independent foreign policy since, should push ever come to shove, it will then become evident that Canada has virtually zero push to oppose to Russia's shove. With fewer soldiers than Toronto has police, we'd do better to keep a low profile and avoid alienating a potentially valuable trade partner for no good moral or political end.

For example, Canada has Bombardier, the world's only manufacture of both trains and planes. Russia has a lot of ground to cover. A good match, one might think. Then there's oil, gas, pipelines and timber, major features of both the Canadian and Russian economies. Are there no opportunities for collaboration in those areas too?

There is a reason, of course, that NaPo and Stephen Harper and other NeoCon liars and killers in suits are screaming about a Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is to distract attention from four significant facts:
 First, for nearly all of the last 250 years, most Ukrainians or their ancestors were Russians.

Second, for most Ukrainians Russian is their first language.

Third, the Western Ukraine nationalists include raving Russophobic maniacs such as Presidential candidate Julia Tymoshenko who wants to nuke or machine gun every Russian.

Fourth, wages in Ukraine average $300 per month, wages in Russia average $800 per month.
The last point alone, is enough to ensure that given any democratic freedom, much of Ukraine would almost certainly opt for union with Russian.

So lies about Russia are about all that the democratic United States of Aggression and its puppets and mouth-pieces can offer to bring the people of the globalist empire to the bidding of the leadership.

The Toronto Star offers the fantastic theory that in his remarks about the situation in Ukraine Stephen Harper is attacking Putin to burnish his legacy.

The thing is, to burnish a legacy, you need a legacy to start with, something that Harper seems to be entirely without in the foreign policy field.

More likely Harper's just burnishing his chances for some comfy corporate directorships following his defeat at the next election. The Carlyle Group will perhaps oblige as they have for other political deadwood such as John Major, who cashed out handsomely after being booted from office, notwithstanding that he was better fitted for the family business of making garden gnomes than running a major corporation, let alone a country. Then there's USAID, a slush fund for "aiding" cooperative politicians.

But a real puzzle remains. Who reads the National Post? I mean, who pays two bucks every day for a dose of the crudest and most uninteresting propaganda?

But then there's the same question about the New York Times (Carlos Slim, Prop.) or WaPo (Jeff Bezos, Prop.) or the London Timesey (Poop Murdoch, Prop.). Amazing: folks pay extremely rich people and mega corporations real money to have their immortal soul stuffed with lies, gossip, pornography, and total, absolute and utter rubbish. And you can get all of that free on the Internets!

BBC: Forces of Ukraine Junta Lose or Abandon Armoured Vehicles in Kramatorsk
Robert Merry: God help us: We're under the leadership of fools
Yahoo News: Ukraine 'on the brink of civil war': Russian PM
Zero Hedge: Putin Tells Merkel "Ukraine On The Verge Of A Civil War" As Germany Agrees To Re-Sell Russian Gas To Ukraine
Canada.com: Harper pushing to send Canadian troops to Ukraine?
Philip Giraldi: Obama’s Circle of Bad Advice

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ukraine Update: April 13–15, 2014

Mish: Specter of Civil War; Putin's Army Hiding – Not Even CNN Can Find It; Easy Solution
NEO: Putin puts Ukraine Gas Payments on Europe’s back
Zero Hedge: Courage vs. Humanity: Donetsk Locals Stop A Ukraine Tank (Video)
RT: Ukraine military storm airfield, town in eastern Ukraine, wounded reported
Reuters: Russia says Ukraine close to civil war as Kiev begins offensive
Zero Hedge: Unidentified Fighter Jets Open Fire On Kramatorsk Airfield, Casualties Reported
Paul Craig Roberts: Washington Drives The World To War
Washington, the “exceptional, indispensable country,” is committed to its hegemony over the world. Russia, China, and Iran are in the way of Washington’s hegemony and are targeted for attack.
But there's no need to make it easy for them.

For Russia to undertake a pre-emptive invasion of Ukraine would provide the US with all the justification it wants for an all-out war on Russia, which might fold very quickly under an onslaught by Nato forces equipped with what would most likely prove to be superior hardware. To suggest otherwise, as Roberts does here, looks like incitement to Russian self-destruction.

James Kunstler: All This And World War, Too?
This is turning into a Vietnam moment for the US political scene. Where are the Fullbrights and Bobby Kennedys of today who have the guts to rally US citizens against insane government behavior? What elected officials among all the bought-off Koch Brother catamites and Wall Street errand boys will stand up for reality-based principle? When will the young people of this country pull their eyeballs away from their iPhones and their heads out of their cloacal vents? When will the United States begin the long-overdue task of getting its own act together?
Moscow Times: Amid Growing Violence, Ukraine rhetoric heats up
Global Research: Is the Ukrainian Security Service a US Intelligence Unit?
RT: Putin to Obama: Stop Being a Jerk, Use Your Influence to End Violence Against People of East Ukraine
VOR: Mass protest against Kyiv junta in Kyiv
Basically, no one likes a Nazi, except, of course, John Kerry, Victoria Nuland and Barack Obama. Oh, and the puppets, Cameroon, Harper, etc.
VOR: If Kiev uses force, Russian cooperation over Ukraine will be undermined – Lavrov
RT: Kyiv Nazi Regime Seeks Aid in Responding to Terrorists Intent on Separation
The Local: German vice-chancellor warns Europe risks being dragged by you-know-who into war with Russia
RT: Twit in Kerry's office: Let's send Ukraine a whole lot of stuff for killing Russians
Maybe not so stupid if you want a war the American public will be gullible enough to blame on the Russians. After all, threatened by the prospect of US reinforcements, the Russians would be smart to start the shooting before the additional hardware (and mercenaries to operate it) arrives.
Reuters: White House confirms guy with the ugly mug in Kiev was CIA Director, Brennan
But that's OK. It was just a routine, friendly get-to-know-you visit, as we prepare new provocations against those damn Russians.
Reuters: Separatist unrest spreads in Ukraine; ultimatum ends with no crackdown
Fox News: Ukraine asks for UN peacekeepers as pro-Russia militants seize more buildings
Webster Tarpley: Modern Ukraine, a 1918 Creation of the German General Staff
Global Research: European Union: From Economic Community to Alliance of Warmongers
WSWS: German television report indicates Ukrainian Neo-Nazis responsible for lethal shootings
NEO: Ukraine: The Anti-Maidan Begins
G&M: Stevie Harper, Mighty Mouse of the North, Backs Ukraine Nazis, Warns Russia
RT: Kiev must stop war on Ukrainians – Russia’s envoy to UN
RINF: We’re All Ukrainians Now
EuroNews: Lavrov challenges ‘hypocritical’ West over Kyiv ultimatum to Ukraine protesters
The violence on Maidan, which ended with dozens and dozens of deaths – this was called a democracy. While peaceful protests going on now in the southeast (of Ukraine) is called terrorism and it is declared that armed forces will be used in a so-called ‘anti-terrorism operation’
Live Leak: Elected Ukraine President Yanukovich: CIA provoking civil war in Ukraine
Of course. Then Russia will invoke the US principle of R-2-P, the Responsibility to Protect, in this case ethnic Russians against fascist oppression, including people like Ukraine Presidential candidate Tymoshenko who wants to nuke and machine-gun all Russians. Then the US and its puppets in Britain, France and Canada – and that limp-wristed Swede guy (see below) — will declare Russia a "rogue regime." Then the business of smashing Russia can begin in earnest.
Swede Radio: Swede Foreign Minister: Crush those pro-Russian East Ukrainian anti-fascist rebels
StrataRisks: France sends spy ship to Black Sea
Washington Times: Russian fighter jet buzzes U.S. Navy destroyer in Black Sea
The photo that goes with the story does not show a Russian fighter jet, but two American fighter jets flying directly over, not 500 m away from, a US naval vessel.
RiaNovosti: Russia Seeks US Explanation for CIA Director's Visit to Ukraine – Lavrov
The project of the next administration, if it's Obama, is to smash both Russia and China. People in Europe had better wake up. That silly romantic illusion that they have about Obama is going to be suicidal... (source)
Webster Tarpley
Ukraine's Fascist President Turkynov Talks Turkey
Do as we say, not as we did in Kyiv

FTM: Russia declares war on the dollar
Yahoo: US blames Russia for Ukraine tension
Hey You Putin Person: Stop messing with our Ukraine stooges. We couped Ukraine fair and square and a coup trumps a referendum, so take your talk of democracy and the peoples rights and butt out.
Yahoo: Ukraine's ousted president puts blame on CIA
Yahoo: Ukraine says Russia waging 'war' in separatist east
RT: Kiev prepares ‘armed provocations’ to discredit pro-federation forces, Russia
Voltaire.net: Press Kit on Human Rights in Ukraine
Aleksandr Turchinov: President of the
fascist revolutionary junta has launched
a war on protesters in Eastern Ukraine.
US Media labels anti-coup protesters in Ukraine terrorists: e.g., Fix News, ABCNews. Meantime, Canada, the pipsqueak terror of the North, is gonna punish dem nasty Commie Ruskies.
Zero Hedge: Ukraine Mobilizes Military, Gives Separatists Ultimatum; Russia Slams Escalation As "Criminal", Yanukovich Warns Of Civil War
BBC: Ukraine to fight pro-Russia>
RT: Moscow slams Kiev’s military op order as ‘criminal’, calls for UN Security Council meeting
Events in south-eastern Ukraine have taken a very dangerous turn, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

“The Kiev authorities, who self-proclaimed themselves as a result of a coup, have embarked on the violent military suppression of the protests,” the ministry said adding that the rallies, which have gripped the Donbas region were prompted by Kiev’s disregard of the legitimate interests the people.

Moscow slammed Sunday’s order, issued by the coup-imposed acting President Aleksandr Turchinov approving a full-scale security operation in the country’s eastern regions, as “criminal”.

“Blood has already been spilled as the result of such actions in the South East.”
The ministry’s statement elaborated that Russia strongly condemns attempts to use brutal force against protesters and activists by involving militants from the far-right Right Sector group or other illegal armed forces.
VOR: Right Sector thugs (US Mercenaries?) arrive in Slavyansk to suppress protests
RT: Ukraine turmoil LIVE UPDATES
Moscow Times: CIA Director Held 'Secret Consultations' in Kiev on operations against separatists
Zero Hedge: One Killed in Shooting Between Ukraine Special Forces And Pro-Russia Separatists
Zero Hedge: Ukraine Prepares Military Response To Russian "Act Of Aggression"
Itar-Tass: President Vladimir Putin's letter to leaders of European countries. Full text
VOR: Israel rejects Washington's pressure over Ukraine
RT: Pro-federalization activists take over govt buildings across Eastern Ukraine
György Schwartz: The Man Behind the Mess in Ukraine
Related: Ukraine, etc. April 11–13, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Struggle Is For Control of Europe, Not Ukraine

RIA Novosti: Putin Tells US Leaders ‘Not Nice to Read Others' Mail’

Henry Stimson, US Secretary of State
(1929–1933). Chiefly remembered for saying
"Gentlemen do not read each others mail."
The US intends to drive a wedge between Europe and Russia, and is determined, therefore, to dictate an uncooperative European response to Russia's proposals for collaboration over the economic reconstruction of Ukraine. Hence, the insolent American attempt to dictate Europe's response to Putin's letter to the European heads of state.

The danger to the US from Russian–European cooperation is clear. Europe with Russia, a Christian European nation, has everything the US has and more: more economy, more people, more rockets, more resources and more room. What integration of the two would mean is an end to the US Empire and the US occupation of Europe.

That is why the United States will now deploy every means of persuasion at its command — threats, blackmail and bribery — to force Europe to confront, rather than collaborate, with Russia. To the extent that the effort succeeds, we will know the extent to which the Europe is ruled by Quislings.

The outcome is in the balance. As Zero Hedge Reports:
... As is well known by now, officials in Kiev's Western-leaning interim government say Russian forces may be preparing to cross the frontier into Ukraine on the pretext of protecting the pro-Russian activists from persecution, though Moscow denies this. And since the narrative is quite clear, and since Kiev itself has been the most desperate to escalate the conflict with Russia into outright war in hopes of getting NATO backing, it is never quite clear just who is behind any provocation.

And as if to formally accelerate the fallout Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said police would deal very firmly with the group in Slaviansk. "There is a difference between protesters and terrorists," he wrote on his Facebook page....
That's the trick, to provoke a new European civil war with European Nato forces and European Russian forces killing one another. Then the US occupation of Europe and the US Empire will be secure for another generation.

Paul Craig Roberts: Is the US or the World Coming to an End?
Global Research: The Geopolitics of The Russia -Ukraine Gas Dispute
RT: ‘Giving out pies in Maidan not enough’: Putin urges West to really help Ukraine
Itar-Tass: Russia expects US reply to proposed agenda for meeting on Ukraine April 14
RT: Voices of Ukraine: 'Kiev, people are not cattle!'
RT: West, Kiev apply double standards to protesters in E. Ukraine – Lavrov

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ukraine, etc. April 11–13, 2014

Alexander Orlov: The Middle East within the anti-Russian plans of the White House
Global Research: Rising Tensions: Pentagon Threatens Russia and China
RIANovosti: Russia Does Not Acknowledge US Sanctions Against Iran – Russian Finance Minister
Zero Hedge: Ukraine Sends Special Forces To "Deal" With Separatists; Donetsk Police Chief Steps Down Zero Hedge: "The Liberation Of Southeast Ukraine Has Begun", Says Crimea Vice Premier
Zero Hedge: Russia Tells Ukraine It Won't "Accept" Force Against Demonstrators
Zero Hedge: Ukraine Sends Special Forces To "Deal" With Separatists; Donetsk Police Chief Steps Down
RT: Russia sets 4 conditions in return for aid to Ukraine
BBC: Ukraine gunmen seize two buildings in Sloviansk
SMH: Kiev offers more regional power to stop pro-Russian east breaking away
Gawker: The Coup of '63 as expounded by Wall St Genius Mark Gorton
Which corresponds with our own assessment of the Kennedy assassination: JFK Assassination: The 50th Anniversary.
President of Russia: Government of Russia discussion of Russia Ukraine trade relations
Vladimir Putin: The situation is certainly strange, to put it lightly, because, as you know, our partners in Europe recognise the legitimacy of today’s authorities in Kiev, but are not doing anything to support Ukraine – not a single dollar, not a single euro. The Russian Federation does not recognise the legitimacy of the powers in Kiev, but continues to provide economic support and still subsidises Ukraine’s economy with hundreds of millions and billions of dollars. Naturally, this situation cannot continue indefinitely...
Zero Hedge: Europe Folds As Putin Tells It To Pay Ukraine's Gazprom Bill, Or Else
RT: Ukraine's elite Alfa anti-terrorist unit of the security service refuses to assault protestors in Donetsk
VOR: Ukraine: Maidan snipers were 'Saakashvili's people' - Georgian general
RT: NATO’s Russian troop build-up satellite images ‘show 2013 drills’
Zero Hedge: Donetsk Creates "People's Army"
Obama Girl: The best four minute video summary of the Obama Presidency
The Daily Sheeple: 100 Facts About The Moral Collapse Of America
Cem Ertür: NATO and Turkey’s genocidal war on Syria
Robert Parry: Washington Was Lying Again: The Syrian Gas Attack
Patrick Buchanan: The New Blacklist
Club Orlov: Amerika's Sham Democracy
Finian Cunningham: Surrealpolitic
Paul Craig Roberts: Obama Issues Threats To Russia And NATO
Peter Koenig: Russia’s Petro-Ruble Challenges US Dollar Hegemony

Ukraine Update, April 7–8, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The American Elite Pushing Porn: The Dirty Dozen

The following list just lobbed in from an outfit called Porn Harms. I have no idea who they are or what they do, but they seem to be against the West's descent into the abyss of self-destructive decadence, so here's their message. You can find out more at: www.PornHarms.com.

Funny thing though, when you see what PornHarms has to say about Google, for example, you wonder what they're really about. They say:
Currently, Google forces the user to manually opt-out of porn if they do not wish to be exposed to such content. However, Google has the ability to allow users to opt-in if they wish to see this. Efforts in the UK and Canada with Internet Service Providers are seeking to make porn-access an opt-in feature, rather than the default setting. GOOGLE could easily do the same.
So, apparently, they think it's fine for Google to distribute porn for profit just as long as users "opt in."

Yeah, well, no wonder the US empire is headed for Hades in a hurry.

The 2014 Dirty Dozen

Attorney General Eric Holder – Mr. Holder refuses to enforce existing federal obscenity laws against hardcore adult pornography, despite the fact that these laws have been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court and effectively enforced by previous attorneys general.

Verizon – Verizon pushes porn into our homes now through hardcore pay-per-view movies on FIOS, smartphones, and tablets and as an Internet Service Provider with insufficient filtering options.

Sex Week – Yale and other colleges and universities repeatedly offer Sex Week on campus. Porn stars are routinely invited to lecture and pornography that glamourizes “fantasy rape” is screened.

Google – Google’s empire thrives on porn. Porn is easily available, even to children, through YouTube, GooglePlay, Google Images and Google Ads.

Tumblr – This popular social media blogging site bombards users with porn. Users must only be 13 and the filters do not work.

50 Shades of Gray – This bestselling book series and upcoming movie are normalizing sexual violence, domination, and torture of women. Oprah Winfrey Network, Broadway and other mainstream outlets have even promoted this abusive lifestyle.

Facebook – Facebook has become a top place to trade pornography, child pornography and for sexual exploitation. Facebook’s guidelines prohibit such behavior, but the company is doing little to enforce them.

Barnes & Noble – This Fortune 500 Company is a major supplier of adult pornography and child erotica.  They regularly put pornography near the children's sections in their stores and provide free, unfiltered porn publications on their Nook e-reader.

Hilton – This hotel chain, like Hyatt, Starwood and many other top hotel chains, provides hardcore pornography movie choices. Porn channels are often the first advertisement on their in-room TVs.

Playstation – PlayStation’s live-streaming abilities are filling thousands of homes with live porn and the PlayStation Store sells hundreds of pornographic and sexually violent games.

American Library Association – The ALA encourages public libraries to keep their computers unfiltered and allow patrons, including children, to access pornography.

Cosmopolitan Magazine – The magazine is a full-on pornographic, “how-to” sex guide, encouraging women to accept the pornified culture around them. They specifically market this content to teen girls.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ukraine Update, April 7–8, 2014

Bloomberg: Ukraine’s Rust Belt Faces Ruin as Putin Threatens Imports
Zero Hedge: Russia Accuses US Mercenaries Of Inciting Civil War In Ukraine
Kyiv Post: Ukraine says it has retaken building seized by protesters
ABC News: Whitehouse Claims to Have EvidenceThat Pro-Russian Demonstrators in Eastern Ukraine Are Being Paid
The White House said some of the demonstrators who took over a government building and proclaimed independence from Ukraine were not local residents.

"I think that at least suggests that outside forces not local forces were participating in the effort to create these provocations," Whitehouse spokesman Jay Carney said.
Um, yeah, well not exactly conclusive proof. And somewhat less incriminating that US Assistant Secretary of State Nuland's boast that the US blew $5 billion subverting the government of Ukraine (after 7 min: 25 sec).

ABC News: Whitehouse Claims Evidence That Pro-Russian Demonstrators in Eastern Ukraine Have Been Paid
Interfax: Russia Tells Ukrainians: 'Referendum' Or We Can't Protect You
RiaNovosti: Eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk is Different From Crimea – Russian Lawmaker
Zero Hedge: Transnistria seeks to join Russian Federation
VOR: Legislature of just proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic asks Putin move in peacekeepers
BBC: Donetsk protesters declare "People's Republic."
VOR: NATO imperialism is a threat to civilization - FM Živadin Jovanovic
VOR: EU should accept Crimea becoming part of Russia – Czech president
The guy has his tenses wrong. Crimea is already part of Russia so the EU will have to accept it whether they want to or notunless they're planning to march on Moscow.

VOR: Media lies: no Russian threat to Ukraine
Zero Hedge: Ukraine PM Warns Russia's "Economic Aggression" Is Unacceptable
Zero Hedge: Ukraine Loses State Buildings In Key Eastern Cities To Protesters; Blames Putin
Yahoo News: Pro-Russia protesters seize Ukraine buildings, Kiev blames Putin
RT: Eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk rallies in favor of independence referendum
Itar-Tass: Ukraine ready to buy Russian gas for $268 per 1,000 cm
Itar-Tass:Protesters in Donetsk seize state administration building
WUFYS: Chossudovsky: Divisions Among the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis?
DefenseTech: US Lawmakers Question Air Force’s Use of Russian Rocket Engines

William Engdahl: White House Lies to EU about America's Capacity to Replace Russian Gas
Paul Craig Roberts: Obama Issues Threats To Russia And NATO
NEO: Crisis in Ukraine – Why Turkey is in no hurry to impose anti-Russian Sanctions
Consortium News: US Triumphalism and the Ukraine Mess

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Globalization, the Ukraine Coup, the Vilification of Russia and the Endless Printing of Money

In this 69-second video clip, Paul Craig Roberts explains globalization. It is a means to maximize profits of a few global corporations by impoverishing First-World labour, while turning agriculture in Third-World countries into monocultures for export. Thus globalization destroys the self-sufficiency of peoples of both the less developed and the the developed economies.

US/Nato's multiple criminal wars of aggression serve one purpose, to subjugate independent nation states, otherwise known as "rogue regimes,"  to global governance through the UN/EU/WTO/NATO, etc., etc. Ukraine, a constitutional democracy with a huge agricultural resource base and substantial mineral and energy resources was ripe for exploitation by international capital.

In the hands of the Nato/US State Department/Chatham House puppet, Arse Yatsenyuk, the formerly independent Ukraine is now under full globalist control. Ukraine thus provides a base for action against the still independent former Soviet states of Belarus and Russia. Hence the ongoing vilification of Russia, aimed at creating public support for such aggression, including the instigation of internal dissent, sabotage and terrorism, the application of economic sanctions and blockades, and if necessary direct military intervention.

The endless printing of money by Western central banks is designed to conceal the impoverishment of the workforce of First-world countries by reducing the purchasing power of wages while avoiding large nominal wage cuts. A consequence of such action is a rise in asset prices.

Increases in prices of stocks, commodities and real estate largely reflect monetary inflation, not increases in real value, which means that owners of capital are protected from losses resulting from currency debasement, while the workforce is robbed by stealth, the rate at which  inflation diminishes real wages being concealed by phoney consumer price indices that exclude assets, such as real estate, and energy and energy-related goods and services: Canada's "core Consumer Price Index," for example, excludes among other things fruits and vegetables, gasoline, fuel oil, natural gas, intercity transportation.


Globalization: The New American World Order: How It Works 
Globalization: Giving the Super-Rich More Clout 
Globalization: Corporate media control of public opinion — creating a false narrative
Globalization: In Ukraine: Nazis Good, Democracy Bad 
Globalization: Russia is dominated by global banks too
Vilification of Russia: Kiev Sniper Shootings: Lies v. Truth
Vilification of Russia: NATO Commander Paints Dark Picture of “An Imminent Russian Threat”
Vilification of Russia: German Media Lies in Ukraine Crisis
Vilification of Russia: Russia Summons German Ambassador After Schaeuble's Hitler-Putin Analogy
Vilification of Russia: Vladimir Putin and the West: To Dance or Not to Dance
Vilification of Russia: By the time you read this Russia will have invaded Ukraine
Military Pressure on Russia: Russia  Questions NATO's "Unreasonable" E. European Escalation
Financial Sanctions on Russia: JPMorgan Unhalts Russian Money Transfer
Economic Sanctions on Russia: America's European puppets dream of doing without Russian gas
Economic Sanctions on Russia: US Threatens Russia Over Petrodollar-Busting Deal
Sabotage in Russia: FSB detains 25 Ukrainians suspected of 'masterminding attacks' in Russia

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Crimea and Punishment

The United States of Assimilation spent $five billion on subversion in Ukraine culminating in the violent Nazi-backed overthrow of the legitimate democratic government. The coup resulted in the installation of the Nato/Chatham House/US State Department-funded puppet, Arse Yatsenyuk, thereby extending the South European border of the globalist empire a thousand kilometers Eastward.

The Imperial authorities were naturally outraged when those devious Russians engineered a democratic counter-coup restoring Crimea — accounting for approximately five percent of the territory and population of Ukraine — to constitutional rule as a member of the Russian Federation. This gross affront to the United States of Arrogance necessitates the exemplary punishment and humiliation of Russia.

The problem for the United States of Aggression is to find effective means whereby punishment can be applied. Diplomatic action at the UN has yielded negligible results, with Russia vetoing a motion of condemnation by the UN Security Council and China abstaining, while almost half the members of the General Assembly, including no-friend-of-Nazis Israel, failed to support a non-binding, i.e., meaningless, vote of censure.

On the economic front, Europe has declined to punish itself by damaging commercial relations with its largest energy supplier and third largest single-country trade partner, while America's sanctions on Bank Rossiya have prompted Russia to launch an international payments system in competition with Visa and MasterCard. Well done the United States of Annoyance.

In response a further insult from the American financial octopus, Russia has undertaken to create its own international financial transaction mechanism that will bypass the Western-controlled Bank of International Settlements. In the long-run this may prove to be another own goal for the United States of Asseveration.

Perhaps the United States of Avengement will also seek to punish the "gas station masquerading as a country" as Russia has been described by the prominent American psychopath Senator Bomb-Bomb-Bomb McCain, by barring purchases of Russian-built motors that power the Atlas rocket, America's chief means of access to space.

Meantime, Russia is to be vilified by resort to the abusive language of the Cold War, being described as the dictatorship of Putin the Terrible, notwithstanding that Russia has been a constitutional republic with an elected parliament, senate and presidency for more than 20 years.

Russia is also to be condemned for moving troops on its own territory as it prepares to protect, if need be, ethnic Russians in Ukraine subject to martial law enforced by foreign mercenaries. Thus, a Ukraine foreign ministry spokesperson complained:
We have information that the Russian Federation is carrying out unfathomable maneuvers on the borders with Ukraine. Such action can not fail to cause concern especially since we today do not have a clear explanation from the Russian Federation about the aims of these movements.
Yeah, well, while explanations are being demanded one thing Lavrov might demand of Kerry during their next face to face meeting is YTF have you just sent war planes, at least one aerial tanker and additional servicemen to to the Baltic region and Poland? Not that the United States of Assertion is accustomed to explaining its actions on the demands of a mere regional power.

The fact is,  Russia is not a morally fit to undertake the "responsibility-to-protect" its fellow nationals, whereas the United States of Annihilation is free bomb any country "back to the Stone Age," as in Iraq and Libya, in the name of protecting those who might otherwise be "killed by their own government."

Monday, March 31, 2014

European Genocide: Explained by a Diagram

How mass immigration and multi-culturalism is in the process of exterminating the British people. The process explained in one simple diagram:

Read more: Teachers 'assaulted and marginalised in Islamising plot’

Image source: FSD

The image is not entirely accurate. In fact, the white British population is not constant but in rapid decline. London, for example, fifty years ago had a population of around eight million British people. Today London has the same population, most of them not of British descent, which means not only that the immigrant community is growing relative to the indigenous population but that the British people in London are headed for extinction. The same is true in most great British cities. Britons are now a minority in Leicester, Luton and Slough and English children are not even the largest minority in elementary schools in Birmingham, England's second city.

It should also be noted that mass immigration to Britain is not confined to Muslims but includes people from the entire world including large numbers from Eastern Europe, such as this happy Rumanian family leading the good life at public expense.

Liberal anti-racists for the genocide of the European peoples find this kind of posting deeply unpleasant, which it must be for them, since it clearly identifies them in motivation with the mass murdering Nazis of the Hitler era. European liberals differ from the Nazis, it seems, only in hating themselves rather than competing groups — a very strange and deadly dangerous perversion of the human soul. Today, the stamping out of self-hating liberalism should be the first goal of every valid European political movement.


CanSpeccy: Universal Genocide and the New World Order

Canspeccy: In Praise of Diversity

Friday, March 28, 2014

Ukraine Update March 28–31, 2014

Robert Parry: Ukraine’s Inconvenient Neo-Nazis

Fred Reed: Crimea — Pickle Boy Steps Up
...I have a strategy. If we want to do those Russian rascals in, bring’em lower than dirt, we ought to arrange to have the American public elect their government. You know, on some kind of contract. Then they’d be ruled, like us, by a nursery full of pansies, milquetoasts, ethno-picks, growly feather-weights, diesel dykes, and sorry rich kids who never got into a school-yard fight. Russia would never recover.

We won’t either.
Scott McConnell: Russia's incursion into Ukraine is a response to misguided Western expansionism

Zero Hedge: German Executives Denounce EU/US Leaders Over Russia Confrontation

Global Research: Lavrov: Russia has info about Ukraine’s Right Sector involved in Kiev sniper shooting

Does Russian have proof that Nazi/Nato supplied the snipers that killed both police and demonstrators during the Maidan riots? Never mind, the Empire will lie its way through any such small difficulty. After all, "We are an Empire now and we create our own reality." Which is to say we control the media and we lie, lie and lie again until the people have got the lie firmly in their distracted minds.

But then Lavrov said this:
"People who live in Crimea and who chose Russian citizenship are not related to geopolitics. They want to live in a country which meets their cultural and language request, their so-called 'gene pool'," Lavrov noted.
A rather odd but fascinating statement. Lavrov is intimating that people have the right to be concerned about their own posterity. That nationalism isn't some twisted and immoral sentiment but a totally rational impulse to maximize inclusive fitness that is rooted in our biology shaped by billions of years of evolution.

True that's just one more thing for the "anti-racist" genocidal liberal imperialists intent on destroying the European peoples to rant against, I suppose. Yet it's an idea people do understand in their bones. It may not need to be repeated too often before the idea become ineradicably fixed in the public mind. Then there could be Hell to pay by those who've been selling the lies about the wonders of diversity and the multi-culti world empire.

Global Research: Steve Harper Spewing Russophobic Lies in Europe

Harper believes if you're a puppet, you should be a good puppet, which means when the Empire you serve is creating its own reality, you roll up your sleeves and, like an Alberta farm boy who still has mud on his boots, spread the manure with manly vigor.

Lavrov: If West accepts coup-appointed Kiev govt, it must accept a Russian Crimea
...We are convinced that it would be impossible to work out solutions to all of Ukraine’s problems without a unanimous agreement on the introduction of the federal form of government in Ukraine. Each region needs to have the opportunity to elect directly its local authorities, the executive branch and the governors, and to have all the rights and needs of its citizens satisfied across all spheres, including economy, finances, culture, language, social activities or the right for friendly relations and travel to neighboring states, be it Poland, Lithuania or Russia.
Oh the Heck with local autonomy. Ukraine's a plutocracy now, with billionaires Tymoshenko and Poroshenko contesting the Presidency. And as US Secretary of State John Kerry say, "You don't just in the 21st Century, act in 19th Century fashion and run society in the interests of the public." Jeeze, the Russian view of the World is so outmoded.

RT: Ukraine's Greek Economic Future

NBC Tour of Russia–Ukraine Border: Finds No Evidence of Russian Troop Concentration

Asked about this apparent refutation of alarmist US claims about a threatening Russian military build-up, John Kerry, US Secretary of State said: "You don't just in the 21st Century behave in 19th Century fashion and base diplomacy on real facts. So I'm warning that Commie dictator Putin if he doesn't de-escalate soon we'll just have to impose much harsher sanctions on Russia."

Fredrik Hagberg's speech to the Ukrainian Revolution
Choose freedom and national independence not US/Nato's New World Order

Seems pointless lecturing Ukrainians on nationalism. Ukraine is not a nation state, it is a mini empire encompassing former Russian provinces and imperial possessions including areas dominated by Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, Bulgarians plus an admixture of sundry others including Germans, Tartars and the ubiquitous Greeks and Jews.

If the Ukrainians really want a nation state, they'll have to slough off their border regions, which could be done painlessly by way of a referendum conducted on a county by county basis, which would offer inhabitants of contiguous areas adjoining a neighboring state the option of union with that neighboring state.

But nation states are not what the New World Order is about. The New World Order is about destroying the nation state. So Ukraine as presently constituted as a collection antagonistic nationalities is an ideal laboratory for the imposition of the US-inspired religion of political and environmental correctness. And since the folks in Ukraine fell for a fake revolution bought and paid for by John, You-don't-just-in-the-21st-Century Kerry's State Department, they'd better just get used to it.

Yang Hengjun: Crimea: Ideals and Reality, Glory and Dreams

Lavrov: We were promised that NATO would not bring its military infrastructure closer to our borders – and we were cheated

NeoCon Think Tanker: Watch Out, Putin's Gonna Take Finland

Patrick Buchanan: Behind the Russian Rage: The Geography and History Lessons That Obama Skipped

Pepe Escobar: Asia will not 'isolate' Russia

Tony Cartalucci. R2P: The Tables Turn on the West in Crimea

Jim Dean: Right Sector’s Muzychko gets three bullets with dinner

Robert Parry: American psychopaths lying their way to war

Paul R. Pillar: Forgetting the Lessons of Deterrence

Zero Hedge: Russia's Military Begins Nuclear War Drill

Paul Craig Roberts: Canadian PM Stephen Harper is a lying puppet of the warmongering United States of Aggression
The American puppet, Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper, openly lied on Canadian TV that Russian President Putin had invaded Crimea, threatened Ukraine, and was restarting the Cold War. The host of the TV program sat and nodded his head in agreement with these bald-faced lies.

The script that Washington handed to its Canadian puppet has been handed to all of Washington’s puppets, and everywhere in the West the message is the same. “Putin invaded and annexed Crimea, Putin is determined to rebuild the Soviet Empire, Putin must be stopped.”

I hear from many Canadians who are outraged that their elected government represents Washington and not Canadians.
The good news is that the jerk Harper will almost certainly be gone in the 2015 election. The bad news is that the jerk Harper thinks that if his American NeoCon masters are able to kick-start a world war, it will keep him in power despite his meager current popularity.

RT: Eastern Ukraine rises against Kiev LIVE UPDATES

BBC: Ukraine crisis: Russia vows no invasion
In an interview with state TV channel Rossiya 1 on Saturday, Mr Lavrov said: "We have absolutely no intention of - or interest in - crossing Ukraine's borders."

He added that Russia was ready to protect "the rights of Russians and Russian-speaking people in Ukraine, using all available political, diplomatic and legal means".

Zero Hedge: West Desperate To Break Russia-China Axis, But "Money Talks" Straight To Putin

Zero Hedge: Putin Calls Obama To "Draw Attention To Ukraine Extremists", Obama Replies With Request For Putin To Pull Out

Mish: Ukraine "On Verge of Financial Bankruptcy" Reaches $27 Billion "Kamikaze" Deal With IMF

CounterPunch: Time to Disband NATO

Global Post: Sanctions. How Russia could strangle the US space program

RT: Are US claims a of Russian military build-up on Ukraine border due to bad intelligence, stupidity, lies?

It's not just the Russians wondering where the Western media get their Ukraine info.
The impunity that Western governments and their media mouthpieces have so long enjoyed while telling grotesque and even implausible lies may be coming to an end, in which case, even if there were conclusive evidence of Russian preparation for war, few in the West will believe it.

Itar-Tass: Austrian Foreign Minister against Ukraine’s admittance to NATO

Bloomberg: Crimea Resolution Backed by U.S. Barely Gets UN Majority
The motion was supported by 100 out of 193 states, including three piddling US protectorates, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and American Samoa plus all those states that act as more or less involuntary hosts to 971 US overseas military bases (although among the latter there was one exception, Israel, which failed to support the motion).

YNet: Israel Rootin' for Putin

CanSpeccy: Stephen Harper in Europe to Relaunch the Cold War

CSM: Russia accuses West of 'shameless blackmail' in UN vote on Ukraine

WRH: Obama: Russia must pull back troops from Ukraine border

Nigel Farage: The EU's Stupid Imperialist Policy on Ukraine

CanSpeccy: Ukraine Update March 27, 2014