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Time Is Neither an Illusion, Nor Is It Real

Time is not an illusion: it is the measure of change in an evolving system, whether that be the unfolding universe, the changing seasons, or the oscillating crystal at the heart of a quartz clock.

Before the creation of the universe, there was no time. But after the Big Bang, stuff happened: first a fireball of quarks and photons exploding; then particles from the expanding plasma condensing; these, upon further cooling, cohering as atoms, mostly hydrogen plus a little helium; the clouds of gas collapsing under their own gravitation; the atoms fusing to heavier elements and heating the first stars to incandescence; the stars forming into gravity-bound spiral galaxies; the latter separating from one another in an ever expanding universe; the stars, their fuel of light elements exhausted, imploding violently to create the heaviest elements and spewing the remnants into space; stellar ashes aggregating into meteors and planets, some to be captured in orbit around new stars, such as our sun; the process of universal evolution continuing, so far as can be told, into an eternal future. Thus the universe is the ultimate clock, its unending transformations marking the hours in the life of the world.

As the universe unfolds, so also do its components. Galaxies and stars evolve, as do planets, the latter both geologically and climatically. Planets may also acquire life, the evolution of which may result in the emergence of intelligent creatures able to fashion clocks and calendars providing measures of date and time more convenient for the regulation of life than natural processes, astronomical or geological.

The notion of events as the measure of time, seems odd to those conditioned by a scientific culture to view time as the measure of events. The notion that time exists outside of the world of events and has a reality of its own is reinforced by the subjective notion of time: our sense of the ongoing present, and receding past. But the subjective notion of time results from the workings of the mind, which constitute a process in evolution. The conscious mind, flowing continuously from idea to idea, as influenced both by internal processes and sensory input, serves as its own clock.

That it is the stream of consciousness which provides our internal sense of the relentless passage of time is evident from the fact that when unconscious, for example, between the time a patient — as instructed by the anesthetist — begins counting, reaching perhaps to no more than the number two or three, until the time they return to consciousness hours later amid the phantasmagoric chaos of a dimly lit and crowded recovery room, they have no sense whatever of the lapse of time.

Further confusion about the nature of time arises from the notion of time as part of the ultimate fabric of the universe. So far as we understand it, reality consists in a succession of events in a three dimensional space. Thus to identify a particular event it is necessary to specify a point along the three spatial dimensions. But because what happens at every point throughout the universe evolves, identification of a specific event requires that it be time stamped. This is why time comes to be spoken of as the fourth dimension. But as a dimension, time has no more reality than the spatial dimensions, fore and aft, left and right, up and down.

The Block Universe: Image source.
A curious consequence of the notion of time as the fourth dimension, is the idea that just as every event located in space at a particular point on the temporal axis, co-occurs,  so every event located at a particular point in space must co-occur at every point on the temporal axis. Hence arose the concept of the "block universe," a world in which there is no future and no past, but everything past, present and future has always existed, and always will exist, in all its exquisite detail.

Perhaps this view is correct, but if so, it flagrantly contradicts Ocham's razor, the principle that, among alternatives, the simplest theory is the one that should be preferred. And it does not merely contradict Ocham's razor, it screams in it's face, for what it asserts is that for every thing that ever happened, that is, for every microscopic event, even every nanoscopic, or picoscopic event that has ever occurred or will ever occur, there exists a complete copy of the entire universe, to which a time traveler could transport himself. Worse still, time travelers, by showing up in the past or the future, would necessitate countless more copies of the world: giving rise to essentially an infinity of infinitely many worlds.

Something else the block universe, if real, tells us is this: the creator is a practical joker, for whereas the universe has every appearance, from the microwave background radiation to the fossil record, of being a system in continual transformation, it is in fact the case that everything from the big bang to the evolution of the big brain and onward to eternity has always existed and always will exist in a universe where absolutely nothing happens.

Evolution, according to this view, whether cosmic or organic, is merely a matter of appearance created by the juxtaposition of events preserved eternally in aspic but appearing to be related to one another as cause and effect in accordance with scientific law. Morally, I find this notion odious. It means that for all your striving, you will achieve nothing other than has already been cut in stone. But then I don't believe that God plays tricks.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Elite Treason: The National Institutions of the West Are Now Fiercely Protective of Muslims and Hostile to the Native Ancestral Populations

By John Derbyshire
Unz Review, November 21, 2015: The Paris attacks: What’s an appropriate course of action for the French government? Well, they could send their army into Syria and Iraq and defeat ISIS in battle. But even supposing they succeeded, this infestation, the Muslim terrorists, is all over: In Yemen, in Egypt, in North Africa, in Sudan, Somalia, Mali and Nigeria …and, of course, in France and Britain and Germany, in Sweden and Denmark and Russia and America.
So perhaps the appropriate course of action is mass expulsion of Muslims from our countries and really firm control of borders and visas.
None of that is going to happen, though. You see how far away from it we are. Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, and Justin Trudeau want us to bring in moreMuslims. David Cameron and François Hollande may not want precisely that, but their weak brains are so addled with globalist propaganda they will do nothing to curtail Muslim immigration.
We must face the fact: the national institutions of the West are now fiercely protective of Muslims and hostile to the native ancestral populations.
Random news story from Britain: Two Muslim brothers from Pakistan ran a welfare scam that got them half a million dollars of taxpayers’ money. Brought to trial, they were found guilty. However, the British judge let them off with suspended sentences. Why? Out of concern for their children, who number …eleven. [Two brothers who swapped houses to con taxpayer out of £315,000 walk FREE after judge claims ‘greatest punishment was loss of their good names’, By Mark Duell, Daily Mail, February 11, 2013
Another random story from Britain: 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Putin — Turkey Has Stabbed Russia in the Back: The Peace Prize Winner — Bravo

Obama's model: Kaiser Wilhelm loading Turkey into the breach

Daily Mail: Putin accuses US of leaking flight path of doomed jet to Turkey

Reuters: Russian jet hit inside Syria after incursion into Turkey: U.S. official

Fort Russ: Turkish intelligence chief: ISIS is a reality and we must stop Putin from crushing the Islamic revolution

Latino-FoxNews: Obarmy: We will only support Russia in Syria if Russia changes sides

RT: Ankara defends ISIS, Turkish officials have financial interest in oil trade with group - PM Medvedev

Juan Cole: Why did Turkey dare shoot down a Russian Plane? The Proxy War in Syria

Global Research: Turkey downed Russian jet after consultation with Brussels and Washington

Fort Russ: Erdogan's son behind downing of Su-24: revenge for disruption of trade in stolen oil

Sputnik: Russian Defense Ministry Video: Su-24 Never Entered Turkish Airspace

TASS: Putin's spokesman maintains Turkey downed Russian plane in Syrian airspace

RT: Russia suspends military cooperation with Ankara

Deep Resource: Turkey is the Enemy of Europe

Sky News: Turkey shoots down Russian fighter jet near Syrian border

Russia Insider: Shoot-down was an ambush

Zero Hedge: CIA-backed Syrian rebels assassinate Russian pilot while parachuting

Reuters: Russia calls Turkey "accomplice of terrorists"
Russian President Vladimir Putin said the plane had been attacked when it was 1 km (0.62 mile) inside Syria and warned of "serious consequences" for what he termed a stab in the back administered by "the accomplices of terrorists".
Pravda: Russia will not tolerate such crimes — Putin

AWDNews: Turkey practically declared war on Russia
Putin: Erdoğan ... [an] accomplice in all atrocities committed by ISIS... a rabid dog
Obama: Yeah! Couldn't get those Old Europeans wimps to launch a war on Russia over Ukraine, but the Turks fighting Russia over Syria will do fine instead.
Zero Hedge: Syrian Rebels Destroy Russian Helicopter With US-Supplied Anti-Tank Missile

Mirror: Russian rescue helicopter 'shot down by US-equipped Syrian rebels' while searching for pilots of plane downed by Turkey

JePo: Russian ground troops arrive in Syria in unprecedented military action

Toronto Sun: ISIS calls for attacks on Canada

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Does Pro-Nazi Justin Trudeau Stand for Canada?

Justin Trudeau is a good looking fella with a pleasant personality and virtually no qualifications to be Prime Minister of Canada except that of being the son of his father, the late Pierre Trudeau, a three-time prime minister of Canada, distinguished by three things: massive budget deficits, non-enforcement of legal restrictions on abortion, and introduction of no-fault devorce; the last two measures being the prime cause of Canada's present-day, far-below-replacement fertility rate.

In addition, Pierre Trudeau was known in his youth at the time of the Second World War as a pro-fascist, anti-Semite who rode around the Québec countryside on a motor cycle wearing a helmet emblazoned with a swastika.

Which raises the question: is such parentage, alone, evidence of the potential to be a good prime minister? To which the answer is that, so far, we're seeing nothing in the performance of Justin Trudeau to justify optimism.


(1) On Friday (November 20, 2015) Canada joined the United States, Palau (WhoTF are they*), and the Ukraine, in voting against a UN General Assembly resolution on "Measures against the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that facilitate the escalation of modern forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance related to them."

(2) At this year's G20 Meeting Trudeau warned Putin:
that Russia’s interference in Ukraine must cease, that we stand with the Ukrainian people, and expect the president to engage fully in the Minsk peace process ...

Trudeau Warns Putin. Source
In this Trudeau emulates Stephen Harper's performance as the Mighty Mouse of the North. But was not Putin a principle architect of the Minsk Agreement, and is it not Ukraine that continues the shelling of civilian targets in contravention of that agreement?

(3) Trudeau's Defense Minister Sajjan declares war on Syria (and by implication Russia) by insisting Assad, the head of the legitimate, elected, UN-recognized government of Syria, must go.

Trudeau, it seems, is shaping up to be at least as much of a toady to the US/Israeli NeoCons as Stephen Harper and even worse than his father as PM. At least Pierre Trudeau kept Canada out of the Vietnam war. The way he's going, young, inexperienced and fairly dim-witted Justin seems bent on sending Canadian troops to fight in perhaps the stupidest war of the last 100 years, a war to replace the elected government of Syria with a band of CIA-backed terrorists.

But Justin Trudeau's Government Has One Thing Right

Canada is a large country, vast in fact, and larger than every country in the World other than Russia, but sparsely populated. The icy wastes of the North are uninhabited and virtually uninhabitable except by transient miners expensively maintained with airlifted supplies from the South, and barely 50,000 hardy Inuit. Yet along the almost 9000 kilometer-long Southern border, a fertile region with a cool but temperate climate, Canada has a mere 35 million souls. Hence Canada's perpetual call for immigrants, needed to secure the territory, a need exacerbated by anti-family institutions, laws and cultural practices that have driven Canada's birthrate to barely two-thirds of the replacement rate.

Syrian refugees or the Muslim answer to the Crusades? Source
Canada, like all other European majority states, is replacing itself with people from elsewhere: everyone welcome, including Syrian refugees. But Canada's Syrian refugee immigration program differs from that of every other country it seems in excluding those strong, young, single men who, having chosen not to fight for their country, and who constitute what most believe to be a serious threat to the security of those countries where their arrival has the appearance of an Islamic answer to the Crusades.

Canada's policy is to accept from Syria only women, children and families. It is not clear whether preference will given, as it should, to Christians and others of Syria's persecuted non-Islamic minorities, and to those with qualifications for employment in Canada. But whatever the selection criteria, whether these people will settle comfortably into Canadian society where religion is tolerated only insofar as it is devoid of social or political implications conflicting with the precepts of a secular society remains to be seen. But at least Canada's novel immigrant selection process eliminates the immediate risk of violence from single male "refugee"  Jihadis such as was as recently witnessed in Paris.
* Palau, for those unfamiliar with Canada's pro-Nazi friend, is a dot in the Pacific Ocean one-sixth the size of Greater Vancouver. It has a population of less than 22 thousand people and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the US State Department and for some bizarre reason has a UN vote, which it casts as the US State Department dictates, just like Canada.

Toronto Sun: ISIS magazine calls for attacks on Canada

Zero Hedge: US Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Stop "Illegal" CIA War On Assad

Zero Hedge: These are the anti-Assad lies the Trudeau Government expects Canadians to believe

CanSpeccy: Ukraine: Catapulting the Propaganda, the National Putz and Stephen Harper, the Mighty Mouse of the North

CanSpeccy: Want to Know What Russia Wants in Ukraine? Listen to What Russia Says

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why the West Should Welcome Those Strong Young Men From Syria



The Dumbness of a Liberal: Chrystia Freeland, Canadian MP, on Islamic Extremism 
The problem that liberals have with Donald Trump is that they claim to speak for the people, but the American people, in increasing numbers, are saying: "No, Donald Trump speaks for us."

Breitbart: Obama’s VA Facility Bans ‘Merry Christmas’

Breitbart: 58% of Americans “don’t identify with what America has become.”
But not to worry. Those are just older, white, poorly educated people, soon to be replaced by poorer, less well educated, but most importantly non-white, people from elsewhere, and on that both the Republican Party and Democratic Party leadership are in firm agreement. 
CanSpeccy: The Liberal Mind and the New World Order
The liberal mind is a small and uncomplicated device. That is the danger of it. It can be fitted within the narrowest cranium. In its entirety, it consists in nothing other than two absurd ideas – from which it draws what it calls its principles – plus a great deal of venom. ...


Keynsian Economics: The Cause of Mass Unemployment in the West

In 2015, the US trade deficit is well over half a trillion
and trending upward.
In a previous post I pointed out why Keynsianism no longer provides an antidote to unemployment in the West. Instead of putting the unemployed to work, the chief effect of loose money, money printing, and government deficit spending is to pull in more imports from both the cheap labor areas of the world and the most competitive advanced economies, thereby creating a trade deficit, which is covered by the export of currency, which in turn, creates a massive foreign debt obligation.

The magnitude of the damage being inflicted on the US working classes through the inappropriate application of  Keynsian stimulus is evident from a simple calculation. A current trade deficit of around 5% of GDP equals $668 billion annually. Divide that by the average yearly income of the lowest paid half of the US workforce ($12,681) and you get 65,846,542. That's right, the US trade deficit is equal in value to 65 million times the average yearly income from employment of the lowest-paid half of the American workforce.

So that's where the missing jobs have gone: offshore. Most of the Americans who used to make shoes and shirts, car parts and computers, toys and furniture for other Americans are now among the 95 million Americans of working age who are not in the workforce. But not to worry, it's been hugely profitable for the international corporations who have exported the Western capital and technology that made possible the exploitation of Asia's teaming masses of sweatshop labor.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Unemployment and Interest Rates: Keynes Versus the Globalists

Real unemployment over vast regions of Europe and North America is at a post WWII high. Redefinition of unemployment conceals most of the damage. In the US, for example, current unemployment if measured as it was during the Reagan era would be at least equal to the Department of Labor's U6 measure, which now stands at 10%. But that is probably a vast underestimate since we know there are 95 million working-age Americans who are not working, meaning that there are many who would like a job but have given up trying to find one and who are not therefore classified as unemployed. In addition, there are millions who want full-time work but can find only part-time work.

It is now generally agreed that mass unemployment during the Great Depression was caused by a contraction of the money supply due to a failure of central banks to provide monetary easing in a timely fashion. The solution, recognized by Lord Maynard Keynes, and promptly applied, to Keynes delight, by Adolf Hitler, was money printing and deficit government spending.

Since 2008, the Western states have tried endless money printing, easy credit and government deficit spending, but with not much to show for it. Still millions and tens of millions of people in their 20's and now increasingly in their 30's, are living with their parents because they are too poor to move out. Meantime, the US labor force participation rate continues to fall, as it has done ever since 2008.

So why, then, does Keynsianism not work today if it was what worked in the 30's when and where it was tried? The answer is, globalization. In the 30's the US economy, and to a lesser extent that of Europe, was self-contained, whereas today, US exports as a share of GDP are three times greater than in the 30's, and imports as a share of GDP have quadrupled.

A consequence of this opening of the US and other Western economies to the rest of the World is that money printing and deficit spending tends to pull in more imports from the cheap labor areas of the world — car parts and computers, shoes and shirts and just about any other labor-intensive manufactured product you can think of — rather than stimulating home production. Meantime, so far as it supports the labor market at home, the effect of such stimulus is to prop wages up, hence delaying the downward adjustment necessary to achieve parity with the Third-World manufacturing and service centers in China, India and many other countries.

The implication, then, is that what is needed is not looser money and abundant credit, but the exact opposite, this to drive unemployment up in the short-run to achieve price deflation, including deflation in labor costs. In other words, life may be tough for school and college leavers seeking jobs, but they need to be tougher, so tough in fact, that workforce entrants are willing to work for sweatshop wages, as do the illegal immigrants employed in the booming US and European underground economies.

Naturally, no one is going to talk about this solution to the unemployment problem since its a guaranteed loser election platform. Still it's a solution that may be about to be tried. The only alternatives being continued widespread misery due to unemployment, or a return to protectionism, a key feature of Trumponomics, but anathema to the financial elite.


CanSpeccy: Barbgate: How Western elites opened the gates and what to do about it

After Paris Slaughter: EU to Buy Stolen Oil from ISIS to Fuel the Syrian Civil War and Drive More Syrian Refugees to Europe

ISIS Convoy of US State Department supplied trucks.
Yahoo News reports: EU lifts Syria oil embargo to bolster rebels

So, after people from Syria, allegedly ISIS members, kill 140 people in a terrorist attack on Paris, the Froggies and the rest of the Piss Prize winner's loyal vassals have agreed to stoke the war against the legitimate government of Syria by purchasing Syrian oil stolen by "the forces fighting to oust President Bashar Assad's regime," the beneficiaries of this decision including, obviously, ISIS, who are currently stealing Syrian oil worth $50-million-a-month.

The important thing about terrorist attacks is not who's responsible or why an atrocity was committed. What matter's is that it panics people so they are willing to believe the more outlandish lies of a Machiavellian leadership. If ISIS blew up the Statue of Liberty, it would be an opportunity for O'Bomber to direct more Syrian "refugees" to America.


Tass: Russia's warplanes in Syria start hunting Islamic State tanker trucks — General Staff

Syrian Radio and TV: U.S. Senator to President al-Assad: War on Syria was an unlawful war of aggression Donald Trump had it right on Vladimir Putin and ISIS

Sounds of My Youth: Telstar and the Tragic Genius of Joe Meek

Telstar: No. 1 in Britain and the US, 1962

Composed and produced by Joe Meek, recorded by the Tornados. Overdubbing with a clavioline to produce a cool space-agey sound celebrating the first live, trans-Atlantic, television broadcast via satellite.

The Joe Meek story '' t.v.documentary - 8/2/1991 - (Pt 2 of 4).

The Joe Meek story '' t.v.documentary - 8/2/1991 - (Pt 3 of 4).

The Joe Meek story '' t.v.documentary - 8/2/1991 - (Pt 4 of 4).

Meek's commercial success as a producer was short-lived, and he gradually sank into debt and depression. On 3 February 1967, using a shotgun owned by musician Heinz Burt, Meek killed his landlady Violet Shenton and then shot himself. (Wikipedia)

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Politically Correct Civilization Cannot Stand

Political Correctness (correctly spelled with caps) is now the religion of the West, and it is destroying us.

The lunatic, welcoming response of the New World and European leadership to the invasion of their homelands by hundreds of thousands of military-age Muslim males from Syria and other countries, these to be followed by millions more, confirms that a Politically Correct civilization cannot stand.

Most people in both Europe and the New World realize that multiculturalism means destruction not only of Western, Christian civilization, but of the people of the West. But the leadership is adamant: Christianity and the tradition of Western civilization must die, and if that means death of the European people, so be it.

Europe's posterity: ME migrants in Budapest. Image source
While childless Angela Merkel,* the creation of her predecessor as German Chancellor, the childless Helmut Kohl, invites literally millions of rabid Muslim males to Germany, the Germany people are failing miserably to reproduce themselves. With a fertility of 1.4 children per female (2.1 being the replacement rate) the immigrants with their weaponized reproductive strategy for the greater glory  of Allah will become the majority in Germany and Europe as a whole within the lifetime of those born today.

And long before that, PC multiculti liberal society and its obsessions with transgenderism, homosexualism, sex "ed", pornography, and gender equality will long be dead: destroyed by those it welcomed into its homelands. But the outcome will not be a revival of Christendom, it will be a victory of a philistine, mediaeval totalitarianism under which the Western world will stagnate for a thousand years.

* Merkel, like Kohl, was a recipient of the Charlemagne Prize, also known as the Treason Prize, which was first awarded to Count Coudenhove-Kalergi who advocated the mogrelization of the European people by mass immigration from Africa and the Middle-East. Other well-known advocates of Western self-destruction and recipients of the Treason Prize include the allegedly childless sex addict, Bill Clinton, who welcomes the demise of America's white majority,  and the childless homosexual, Edward Heath, who took Britain into the European Union on a false prospectus.

It is time now for those in Europe and the New World who seek a future for their own people and posterity to take a stand for Christendom and the civilization of the West.


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Professor Michael Chossudovsky: Twenty-six Things About the Islamic State (ISIL) that Obama Does Not Want You to Know About

Deep Resource: Merkel Plots to Overthrow Her Own People

and, same title, different content:

Unz Review: Angela Merkel Plots to Overthrow Her People

Deep Resource: Germans to Police: You're Fighting Your Own People

Friday, November 13, 2015

Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Part IV: Reversing the Trend

Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration has risen over the last 250 years by just over 40%, from 275 parts per million (ppm) by volume to almost 400 ppm, and is currently rising at the rate of 2.11 ppm per year, which if sustained means a doubling of the pre-industrial concentration within 70 years.

This change in the chemical composition of the atmosphere has at least three consequences of major concern. First, by absorbing heat radiated by the Earth to outer space, the carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere warms the planet, though by what amount is highly uncertain due to the complex interactions among climate variables. Second, by increasing the efficiency with which plants use water in photosynthesis, it has increased global primary production by, according to some estimates, as much as ten billion tons per year. But not all plants respond to an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration in the same way, so that some species will increase in range and habitat dominance, while others will be at a competitive disadvantage. The net result will be the loss of many species both of plants and of the animals that depend on those plants for food or shelter. Third, it appears from current research that rather small increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration may severely impair certain important human cognitive capacities.

The chief causes of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide are: combustion of fossil fuel (65-85% of total change); conversion of old-growth forests to short-rotation plantations or bare land with the resultant atmospheric release of carbon fixed in both trees and forest soils (10-25% of total change); and the manufacture of cement, which involves the conversion of calcium carbonate to calcium oxide with the release of carbon dioxide (5% of total change).

Cooking with wood. Image source
As the Third World modernizes, scope for reducing worldwide cement usage looks slight to non-existent. There is, however, considerable scope for reducing forest destruction. Approximately half of the timber harvested worldwide is used for fuel wood, and that mainly for cooking over an open fire. Cooking over an open fire is highly inefficient. Converting two-thirds of the World's population from the use of fuel wood for cooking to the use of gas would massively reduce the associated carbon emissions, while also reducing the emission of climate-warming and health-damaging soot and volatile organic compounds. Substantial reduction in timber use as a structural material will be more difficult to achieve, although increasing substitution of oil-based plastics for wood is likely to occur.

Old growth stump versus spindly second growth forest, British Columbia. Source
Massive near-term reductions in carbon emissions can only come through reductions in the use of fossil fuel. Such reduction during a period of Third World modernization may be difficult to achieve, but is essential if a catastrophic poisoning of Earth's environment is to be avoided. Three developments are required. First, the upgrading of industrial processes to achieve higher energy-use efficiencies. Gas turbine electricity generators, for example, can have an energy-use-efficiency at least 50% higher than most existing coal-fired plants. Second, the redesign of the human environment, including residential architecture and transportation systems, to eliminate the massive expenditures of time, capital and energy necessitated  by the suburban/commuter life-style. Third, the redirection of consumption from energy intensive goods and services, such as airline travel, SUV's, and monster homes, to low-energy content goods and services, including bicycles, and health, fitness, educational and religious services.

The efficient commuter. Image source
The challenge is to devise a way of driving the necessary changes in methods of production, life-styles and thinking. But central to any effective change in course will be to tax what we don't want, i.e., carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere, and to avoid taxing all the low-carbon goods and services that we do want. This means a carbon tax is essential. All that is needed is for governments to adjust their budgets to raise revenue from carbon emissions while reducing taxes on income. This will automatically adjust consumption preferences and reduce overall carbon emissions.

Beside its direct effect on carbon emissions, the carbon tax has two other hugely attractive features. First, it will drive increases in carbon-use efficiency in the most cost effective way. Those who can reduce their emissions for less than the cost of the carbon tax will do so, whereas those who cannot reduce their emissions for less than the cost of the carbon tax will pay the tax and continue emitting, though at a reduced rate as the cost of what they sell is raised as a consequence of the carbon tax. Thus will be achieved a reduction in emissions at the lowest overall cost to the economy, with scope for increasing the reduction indefinitely by increases in the carbon tax rate. Second, the effective application of a carbon tax can be undertaken by any jurisdiction without consultation or agreement with any other jurisdiction. There is no need for international agreement. All that is needed is a countervailing import tax on goods or services from countries without a carbon tax of comparable severity to one's own. Such a provision not only protects the home industry from unfair foreign competition, but provides other countries with an incentive to introduce their own carbon tax.

Sadly, the beauty of the carbon tax mechanism, which we spelled out eighteen years ago, has yet to be recognized by any national government. It is encouraging, however, that the new government of Canada has promised a national carbon tax, although the value of such a measure will depend upon the details. There must be no exemptions for favored industries or regions and it must be accompanied by a countervailing import tax to protect Canadian jobs from unfair competition.


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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Poetical Essay on The Existing State of Things

Rediscovered after 200 years, Shelley's poem, a protest against war and the exploitation of humanity by a ruthless elite, is a timely reminder on this Remembrance Day of the crimes of the neocon establishment intent on global domination by all and every means of violence, lies, propaganda and the ruthless exploitation and degradation of the mass of mankind.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Cover of the Bodleian Library's copy of Shelley's
poetic essay published in 1816.
DESTRUCTION marks thee! o’er the blood-stain’d heath
Is faintly borne the stifled wail of death;
Millions to fight compell’d, to fight or die
In mangled heaps on War's red altar lie.
The sternly wise, the mildly good, have sped
To the unfruitful mansions of the dead.
Whilst fell Ambition o’er the wasted plain
Triumphant guides his car—the ensanguin’d rein
Glory directs; fierce brooding o’er the scene,
With hatred glance, with dire unbending mien,
Fell Despotism sits by the red glare
Of Discord’s torch, kindling the flames of war.
For thee then does the Muse her sweetest lay
Pour ’mid the shrieks of war, ’mid dire dismay;
For thee does Fame’s obstrep’rous clarion rise,
Does Praise’s voice raise meanness to the skies.
Are we then sunk so deep in darkest gloom,
That selfish pride can virtue’s garb assume?
Does real greatness in false splendour live?
When narrow views the futile mind deceive,
When thirst of wealth, or frantic rage for fame,
Lights for awhile self-interest’s little flame,
When legal murders swell the lists of pride;
When glory’s views the titled idiot guide,
Then will oppression’s iron influence show
The great man’s comfort as the poor man’s woe.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Part III: Induced Stupidity and the Decline of the West

There is no known physiological reason why doubling, tripling or raising by a factor of ten the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide would significantly affect human physical or mental performance. Humans in submarines, aircraft, and office buildings survive and appear to function normally in atmospheres containing many times the present atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration (1). Only at concentration above 10,000 parts per million do effects on performance become obvious, and suffocation due to carbon dioxide occurs only at concentrations many times higher still.

Ambient carbon dioxide concentration and cognitive capacity. Image source: Satish et al..

But two recent papers from top research labs show that, contrary to expectation, rather small increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration sharply impair some vitally important cognitive capacities.(2,3) In both studies, experimental subjects were tested on various types of cognitive tasks ranging from mundane busy work to the exercise of initiative, and strategic thinking. What they found was that over a range of carbon dioxide concentrations commonly occurring in air-conditioned school and office buildings, performance on tasks requiring higher cognitive functions were significantly or catastrophically reduced at the higher carbon dioxide concentrations, whereas performance on more mundane tasks was largely unaffected.

These papers, which deserve reading in their entirety by anyone with a serious interest in human intellectual performance in general or in their own performance or that of their subordinates or employees, remind one of the theory that Rome collapsed because of lead in the water due to the extensive use by the Romans of lead-pipe plumbing. Could it be that we in the West are Hell bent for collapse for a similarly mundane reason, in our case the cause being carbon dioxide in the air supply of the air-conditioned buildings in which most decision-makers and professionals now work?

The more one thinks about it the more Donald Trump's insistence that "We are led by very, very stupid people" seems credible. This sad state of affairs could simply be the result of a combination of the carbon dioxide dome over Washington DC, plus inadequate ventilation of the Oval Office and the Capitol.

(1) Vercruyssen, Max, et al. 2007. Effects of Carbon Dioxide Inhalation on Psychomotor and Mental Performance During Exercise and Recovery. Intl. J. Occup. Safety & Ergonomics. 13:15–27.

(2) Satish, Usha, et al. 2012. Is CO2 an Indoor Pollutant? Direct Effects of Low-to-Moderate CO2 Concentrations on Human Decision-Making Performance. Env. Health Perspect. 120:1671–1677.

(3) Allen, Joseph G. et al. 2015. Associations of Cognitive Function Scores with Carbon Dioxide, Ventilation, and Volatile Organic Compound Exposures in Office Workers: A Controlled Exposure Study of Green and Conventional Office Environments. Environ. Health Perspect. Adv. Publication.


CanSpeccy: Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Part IV: Reversing the Trend

CanSpeccy: Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Part II: Ecosystem Disruption

CanSpeccy: Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Part I: Carbon Dioxide Is Not a Greenhouse Gas

Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Part II: Ecosystem Disruption

Some global warming "skeptics" dismiss the climatic effect of carbon dioxide by claiming that the gas exists in the atmosphere in such a negligible quantity that even several times that negligible quantity is still negligible. In terms of climate, this may even be true, but the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has a massive effect on the biosphere. Each year, worldwide plant dry biomass production totals around 170 billion tons, of which about half, or 85 billion tons, comprises carbon. All of that carbon is derived from atmospheric carbon dioxide at a rate that is closely dependent on the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The reason for the dependence of photosynthetic production on the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is that plants extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by diffusion. Assimilating atmospheric carbon dioxide by diffusion entails a challenge because, if there is a path for the carbon dioxide to diffuse from the atmosphere to the plant cell, there must also be a path for water vapor to diffuse from the plant cell to the atmosphere. This means that plants have to exchange water, which is usually in limiting supply, for carbon. Moreover, the rate of exchange depends directly on the concentration gradients of the two gases between plant cell and atmosphere. Therefore, if the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration rises, the amount of carbon fixed by plants in exchange for the water available to them also rises. (When available water has been exhausted, plants close down the path for gaseous diffusion between photosynthetic tissue and atmosphere and both photosynthetic production and water loss ceases.)

Australia's outback greening up: a response to rising carbon dioxide concentration.
Thus, an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration makes possible something like a proportional increase in plant biomass production. This effect has already been observed in the case of some crop species, and in both tropical and boreal forests. We know, for certain, therefore, that rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is raising the carrying capacity of the planet for mankind and other animals by increasing yields of crops and the productivity of natural ecosystems.

Rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is also changing the structure of ecosystems, because it has been shown that some plants respond more vigorously to rising carbon dioxide concentration than others. Particularly responsive are woody species of arid habitats such as the Australian outback, the Sahel to the immediate south of the Sahara Desert, and the South American Savanna. This means that rising carbon dioxide concentration is changing the species composition of plant communities and thereby changing the composition of the animal communities that depend on the plants for food and shelter. The extent and significance of these changes has thus far, received barely any attention, but they will become increasingly obvious as the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration continues its accelerating rise.


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CanSpeccy: Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Part I: Carbon Dioxide Is Not a Greenhouse Gas

Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Part I: Carbon Dioxide Is Not a Greenhouse Gas

In 1750, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration was around 275 parts per million (ppm) by volume or just over 400 ppm by mass. By 1850, the concentration had risen by about 10 ppm, or 3%, as the result of the increasing use of coal in Europe, and particularly in Britain. By 1950, when industrialization and the associated use of fossil fuels had spread around the globe, the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration reached 320 ppm, an increase of about 12% in a century. Today, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is around 390 ppm by volume, an increase over the pre-industrial value of 41%. On present trends, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration will reach at least twice the pre-industrial concentration before the end of this century.

Image source: The Encyclopedia of Earth
As everyone knows, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas — except that it isn't. There is no such thing as a greenhouse gas, and here's why. When the sun warms the ground, heat is transmitted to the air in contact with the ground, and that warmed air is then carried aloft by convection, often to a height of thousands of meters (that is why it is possible, by locating the up-draughts, for a sailplane pilot to keep his craft aloft for many hours on a sunny day). A greenhouse, allows solar radiation to heat the ground, and hence the air in the greenhouse, but it prevents the warm air from being convected away, hence, on a sunny day, the air inside a greenhouse is always warmer than the air outside. So-called greenhouse gases do not work this way.

But while there is no such thing as a greenhouse gas, atmospheric carbon dioxide does affect the Earth's temperature by absorbing infra-red radiation, or heat. In particular, it absorbs some, a very small amount, of the heat that the Earth radiates to space. When global temperature is constant, the Earth radiates to outer space an amount of energy exactly equal to the amount it receives from the sun. If the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is raised, a tiny additional fraction of the heat emitted by the Earth in the direction of the sky is absorbed by the newly added carbon dioxide, thus warming the planet. As the Earth warms, it emits an increasing amount of heat to space until a new balance between incoming and outgoing radiation is reached.

In terms of climate, therefore, the significance of carbon dioxide is that it is a heat absorbing gas. But it is not a very powerful heat absorbing gas. Water vapor, for example, absorbs heat radiation about ten times as strongly as carbon dioxide and occurs in the atmosphere at a concentration about ten times that of carbon dioxide. Methane, or natural gas, is an even more powerful heat absorbant than carbon dioxide (one hundred times more powerful), and it leaks to the atmosphere in massive quantities from gas pipelines, oil drilling operations, and many natural sources.

So, yes, rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations will, all other things being equal, cause some climate warming. But all other things will never be equal. And many of the other things that are not equal are subject to human influence. Particles of black carbon or soot, for example, injected into the atmosphere by diesel powered vehicles, oil-burning ships, and forest fires, absorb heat and may be as significant as carbon dioxide in accounting for any human-caused climate change. But sulfur emitted to the atmosphere by the combustion of coal, for example, gives rise to white sulfate particles, which reflect sunlight and thus cool the planet. Sulfate particles also seed cloud formation, and clouds have a huge impact on global temperature in many and complex ways, some tending to raise global temperature, some having the opposite effect. There's also the impact of human activity on the surface features of the planet. Deforestation, for example, has a long-term cooling effect, because trees reflect less solar energy back to space than do bare ground or agricultural crops, but in the short run, deforestation may have a warming effect by causing the transfer of carbon from the biosphere to the atmosphere.

So, no, the science of climate change is not settled, and when Al Gore says it is he only demonstrates that, scientifically, he is a moron. Either that, or he sees the global warming scare a means to psych the semi-educated American and European populations to regard themselves as some kind of disease on the planet, with a moral obligation to commit racial suicide by having no children. That is what the elite desire and what they promote. What, after all, in this age of automation, is the use of the consuming masses: best be rid of them.


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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Treason Denounced in Europe and America

Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason. 
Sir John Harington (1561 – 1612)

European Genocide: Hungary's PM Calls Euro Elite Traitors

Hungary's Prime Minister, Victor Orban, has accused the Euro elite of seeking the destruction of both Europe's Christian heritage and the European nations, through mass Third World immigration: a program of racial and cultural genocide.

Meantime in America, Official 9/11 Narrative Begins to Fray

In a new biography, Former President George H. W. Bush, father of former President George Dubya Bush, lays blame for the War Against Terror (TWAT) and, by implication the 9/11 attacks, on ‘iron-ass’ Cheney, and ‘arrogant’ Rumsfeld.

Of Rummy, Bush I said:
There’s a lack of humility, a lack of seeing what the other guy thinks. He’s more kick ass and take names ...
As for Cheney:
He just became very hard-line and very different from the Dick Cheney I knew and worked with ...Just iron-ass ...
 This provides an interesting answer to the question we posed the other day, namely:
How could the US Government acknowledge that 9/11 was an inside job made possible by a 9/11 NORAD stand-down ordered by Dick Cheney, without then trying Cheney, Dubya, Rummy and a bunch of other NeoCons for treason?
First, identify Dubya as a dupe, then lay all blame on Dubya's Chief of Staff, Cheney, aged 72 with serious heart problems, and Dubya's Secretary of Defense, Rumsfeld, aged 83 and far gone in dementia, neither of whom can be expected to be around long enough to be headed for the gas chamber.

Here's the general picture according to Deep Resource:
Cheney and Rumsfeld knew in advance what was going to happen on 9/11. Cheney organized the standdown of the US airforce to ensure that the Israeli organized 9/11 operation could proceed without interruption and Rumsfeld was ‘missing’ during the crucial half hour, when he was studiously working on his daily dropping in a loo on the safe side of the Pentagon, the part where no bombs went off and afterwards made himself useless by helping collecting strange pieces of debris from the Pentagon lawn (no corpses, no chairs, no luggage), rather than doing what he was paid for as secretary of defense: organizing the defense of his country. GWB was probably not in the plot (with his IQ he could only ruin it), but was told to read stories about Pet Goats to toddlers in some school in Florida.

Could it be that GHB knows/suspects the truth about 9/11 and is proactively busy to protect his son from the gas chamber?
Well Bush I surely more than suspects the truth about 9/11. But the question this raises is: why is the attempt to divert blame being made now?

That seems easy to explain. If 9/11 was an inside job, then it had to be a bipartisan inside job, which means Bushes and Clintons. Remember the first bombing of the WTC, with FBI assistance, occurred during Bill Clinton's presidency. And remember Bill's finger pointing when challenged by a 9/11 truther, just like when he said I did not have sexual relations with that woman. So with a Bush:Clinton contest for the Presidency in 2016, no problem. The cover up would be assured, at least for the time being.

But then JEB, the prospective Bush III, who with Rummy and Cheney signed the notorious manifesto entitled a Project for a New American Century, which called for a "new Pearl Harbor" to kick start America's violent grab for for global hegemony, went down the electoral tube. So now is time enough to start the work of redirecting blame for the global catastrophe of the Bush II's presidency.


ConsciouslyEnlightened: US Military Revolt Against Deployment to Aid Al Qaeda in Syria
What next: black helicopters on the White House lawn?
New York Times: Is Eastern Europe Really More Racist Than the West?
Like they're all racists over there in Old Europe, but the East Europeans are really, really racist. Heck they oppose the destruction of their own race and culture: they're against genocide for goodness sake. What's the matter with them.
And now Charlie Brown is RACIST too.

Yahoo News: Orban's ratings rise as Hungarian fence deters migrant 'invasion'
Racist scum, don't want their daughters raped by one of those strong young men waving ISIS flags.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Final Solution to the Scotch Question: Genocide by Mass Immigration — A Project of the Scotch Pseudo-Nationalist Party

A story to warm the hearts of self-hating white people: Nine New Migrants to Scotland for Every Native-born Baby Says Office of National Statistics.

According to the above linked Breitbart report, Britain's Office of National Statistcs, the ONS, expects that:
around 14,000 people will arrive in Scotland per year for the next decade, two thirds of whom will come from outside the UK. That equates to nine new arrivals to the country for every baby born in Scotland. (But see note about this claim below)*
And remember many of those few babies born in Scotland will be children of immigrants, which measns that many of those children will go to school without the slightest knowledge of either English or whatever language it is the Scotch Government pretends that the Scottish people speak.

Horrendous though this genocidal mass immigration may sound, the scale of it will disappoint the very left wing nationalist government of Scotland (i.e.,socialist nationalists or NAZIs, or actually pseudoNAZIs for the genocide of their own people), the anticipated number of immigrants to Scotland falling, Breitbart reports:
below the Scottish government’s target of attracting 25,000 newcomers each year, and represents a downgrade on previous population projections, Herald Scotland has reported.
But, Breitbart continues:
the figures may be a gross underestimate. According to the ONS, the projections are “based on the population as of 30 June 2014”, well before Europe’s current migrant crisis got underway. They also only take into account official migration statistics, but do not appear to include any provision for illegal migration, which is notoriously difficult to quantify.
"The lovely lass O' Inverness" in protective gear? What would Robbie Burns
have said? Source
So the Scotch seem pretty well fucked, to put it bluntly — or in many cases, we fear, raped by the welcomed influx of Syrian Jihadis and other likely Muslim lads, if the experience of Swedish girls is anything to go by. But those lovely lasses may be alright if they get with it and put bags over their heads.

Mouthpieces for the Scotch Pseudo-Nazis, will of course scream that this is all racist hate speech directed against helpless strong young Syrian males who wouldn't fight for their country, plus all the other pick-pockets, credit card fraudsters and general-purpose opportunists from Eastern Europe and the Third World who recognize a chance in a lifetime to exploit an oppressed people when they see it.

The reality of an ongoing, government-orchestrated genocide of the European people by mass immigration is now beyond question. The English, in London, Britain's capital and the largest city in Western Europe, have already been made a minority in their own home. The same is true of my father's home town of Leicester, located at the heart of England, likewise Luton and Slough, with Birmingham, Britain's second city, tipping by the end of the present decade, and where already English children are not even the largest minority in elementary school.

And it's not just the Brits. Germans are to be wiped out village by village. The East Europeans, at least, having had previous experience of mass alien assault, are bravely manning the barricades to block the Islamic hordes at the gates of Vienna, Budapest, etc.

Meantime, in Amerika, Hillary apparently advocates the death penalty, but only for whites. Evidently, these bastards — and bitches, not only think they can destroy their own people, but that they can taunt them as the do it.

Meantime, those Commie bastard Chinese have decided that having the Chinese people reproduce themselves is actually a good idea. Well at least that's one thing to cheer for. May be the Scotch could kick out their treasonous pseudo-nationalist government and elect a new one committed to joining the BRICS.

The immigration and birth data for Scotland quoted by Breitbart seem to have been taken not from anything published by the Office of National Statistics, but from this article in the HeraldScotland and are comprehensively wrong. It could be the natural increase in the Scottish population, not Scottish births, that will be exceeded by immigrants in a ratio of 9:1, but even so, that is a catastrophic outlook for a country where the indigenous population has a fertility rate (1.7) well below the replacement rate of 2.1. It would mean a rapidly growing and relatively fertile immigrant population imposed on a contracting indigenous population that would soon be outnumbered and largely eliminated by a process of introgressive breeding.

But even this does not seem to make sense, as an aging population with a below replacement fertility cannot show any natural increase whatever.

In fact, Scotland's birth rate is about 11 per thousand, or about 55,000 births per year. So the correct ratio of immigrants to native-born Scots is around one to two, not nine to one, or perhaps less if the government's objective of 25,000 immigrants plus illegals is met.

Wouldn't it be great if the media could get some of their facts straight.
U-Tube: European Genocide: Hungary's PM Accuses Euro Elite of Treason
Gatestone Inst: Germany: "20 Million Muslims by 2020"
RT: ‘No infrastructure for so many people’: German village of 102 getting ready to house… 750 refugees
Deep Resource: Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orban: Europe will either be Christian or Europe will not exist
The goal of the Clinton–Bush and their New World Order plutocratic backers is that neither Europe nor Europeans will exist. 
PWS: Civil war erupts in Sweden as irate Swedes burn nine Muslim refugee centers to the ground
TV2.NO: In Norway 550 "refugees" arrive in a village of 40 people
CanSpeccy: Universal Genocide and the New World Order

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Down With IQ-ism

A bittersweet story in the news today is of a child born without a brain, who nevertheless, at the age of two, said "Mummy," which prompts the question: is a brain really necessary? Indeed the question "Is Your Brain Really Necessary?" was the title of an article published some decades ago in Science Magazine, in which was given an account of someone who, at birth, was afflicted with hydrocephaly, a condition in which there is excessive pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain, causing the cerebral hemispheres to be crushed and the cranium to be more or less enlarged. In this particular case, the cerebral hemispheres were crushed to a layer about one millimeter thick, the bulk of the cranial cavity being filled with fluid. But despite this apparent near total destruction of the higher brain centers, the individual was socially normal, had an IQ of 126, and a first class honors degree in mathematics.

Image source
But if there is reason to question the necessity of the supposed organ of intelligence, namely the brain, one has to wonder how scientific is the business of measuring intelligence, the manifestation of the supposed function of the brain. True, the ability to apply the mind to this or that task does vary greatly among individuals. Moreover, although the degree of individual versatility varies, there appears to some relationship between being smart at one thing and being smart at another, and it is this notion of general smartness, whatever it's organic basis, that the shrinks have latched onto as a basis for grading the intelligence of all humanity on a linear scale from super-genius to thick as a plank.

Belief in their ability to so grade people, clearly places power in the hands of the psych doctors, which surely explains in large part their firm commitment to the notion that human intelligence can be measured with the same precision as height or weight. At the same time, the existence of such self-serving motivation provides reason for some skepticism in judging the intelligence-measuring claims of the psychology profession.

My own skepticism on the subject of IQ testing was evoked more than four decades ago on reading a book by Arthur Sinton Otis, inventor or the Otis Intelligence Test, variants of which were used by the US army to evaluate 1.7 million recruits during the First World War. The book, which is concerned with physics, not psychology, is entitled: Light Velocity and Relativity: The Problem of Light Velocity, Disproof of the Einstein Postulate, and argues against the theory of the constant velocity of light on the basis that a beam of light, like a bullet from a gun, will travel faster relative to the ground if emitted by a forward-facing flashlight mounted on a moving train, than if emitted by a flashlight that is stationary relative to the ground, i.e., the frame of reference in which the speed of the light beam is measured. The argument seems compelling except that what it concludes should be observed is not what has actually been observed in countless experiments beginning with the famous Michelson–Morley experiment for which Albert Michelson won the 1907 Nobel Prize in physics. The failure to acknowledge the primacy of the observed result over a common sense assumption seemed to me, well, not very intelligent, which in turn made me wonder how well qualified Arthur Otis and other experts in mental measurement really are to evaluate the intelligence of their fellow creatures.

But other reasons for skepticism about IQ testing abound. My own academic performance being a case in point. Had I been raised in America at the start of the 21st Century, I would undoubtedly have been labelled ADHD and drugged to the eyeballs. As it was, discipline in the English schools I attended during the 1950's was administered with the rod, for which I had a healthy respect. But while I was verbally and kinetically submissive to authority in the class-room, my mind was as free as the air with the result that my academic grades corresponded almost perfectly with the degree of my respect or antipathy for my teachers. Generally, I liked female teachers and was around the top of the class during the first several  years of my schooling under the tutelage of women. But in subsequent years, under instruction exclusively by males, my academic performance varied almost exactly in proportion to the charisma of my mentors. At times, I was top of my class in most if not all subjects but Latin, at other times I was near the bottom the class, although, it must be admitted, there was always some wretch more academically obtuse than myself to deny me the present pleasure of claiming to have been absolutely bottom of my class. At university, I was taught by several very competent female scholars and, perhaps not coincidentally, I graduated with the faculty prize. So in my youth, was I intelligent, or was I not? In response to such a question, the psych doctors may say academic achievement has little to do with brains, but in so doing they undermine the entire IQ-testing business, for if it fails to predict something as significant as academic achievement, what's the point of it? Does it predict business success, or acting success, or military success, or musical success any better? Probably not, and in which case, there seems no point in it at all. Ah, but the shrinks will say, it measures potential achievement. There you are then: if your kid has a mediocre IQ, not much point in encouraging them in academics: better to take them every day to 4 AM hockey practice, or encourage them to study something really dumb like, say, psychology.

Fortunately, many great achievers, all in fact prior to the invention of the intelligence test, were spared being told the supposed limits to their potential. Mozart, for instance — almost certainly a case of ADHD, — was good at stringing notes together, but on an IQ test how sure can we be that he would not have bombed? And there are certainly many others renowned for great intellectual achievement who clearly lacked all-round general intelligence. Einstein, for example, the most famous physicist of the 20th Century, seems to have been pretty ignorant when it came to philosophy and politics, or at least that was the view of George Kennan, architect of US foreign policy following WWII and Einstein's colleague at the Institute for Advanced Research. Of Einstein's subject, Kennan said, "I knew nothing ... and knew it" but of my subject, Kennan's said, "Einstein knew nothing ... and didn't know it."*

And then there's Richard Feynman, another physicist of genius, who was reputed to have an IQ of 123, which is pretty decent, but not as smart, according to the IQ-ists, as about 20 million present day Americans. LOL.

So my advice is, if there's some big challenge you're really keen about, go for it, whatever your supposed IQ. As for my IQ? I haven't a clue. I was tested once or twice but never told the result — thank God.

* Source: John Lewis. Gaddis. 2012. George F. Kennan: An American Life.


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