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JEB Explains How Genocide by Mass Immigration and PC Brainwashing Works

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Which raises some questions:

Is JEB really, really thick, giving the game away like that?

Or is it just that he`s so enthusiastic about the genocide of the American people – you know, those poor anti-family, infertile folks now living in America – that he just cannot keep it to himself?

Or is he some kind of secret agent, warning the West what's intended for their future: i.e., total wipe out?

Or could it be that he assumes the American people are so stupified by PC programming through K-to-Middle-aged so-called education that they are now ready to cheer their own extinction?

Yeah, that has to be it. Americans are now so thoroughly indoctrinated by PC bollocks as to accept and even applaud their status as disposable units of production, to be replaced after a generation or two by fresh immigrants in the quantity and of the quality desired by the international money power for which JEB fronts.


CanSpeccy: Political Correctness Is Now the Religion of the West

Understanding Hillary: No Need for Dr. Freud

Dr. Alma Bond, the Daily Mail reports, who is a psychoanalyst and author who holds a PhD from Columbia University and did post doctorate studies from the Freudian Society, has studied Hillary Clinton from afar for many years. The Democratic presidential candidate, she says:
has difficulty with men and she needs a woman friend on her same political level that she can share strategy or top secret events of the day.
Hillary, says Dr. Bond, has an 
inability to express her feelings and it all began back in her in childhood in Park Ridge, Illinois, a neighborhood devoid of Jews, blacks or Asians.
Her father Hugh Rodham, the Mail story continues was:
curtain salesman who died of a stroke in 1993 at age 82, was a combative, working-class man from eastern Pennsylvania who was riddled with prejudices against anyone who wasn't like him. He raged about minorities in derogatory terms when he was not subjecting his family to his own violent emotions...

He was disappointed in life and lied about winning a college football scholarship to Penn State.

'He was a 'bullsh*** artist', a family member once said, but that skill made him a good salesman when hawking the drapes and lace curtains that he manufactured for hotels and offices.

Hugh was a bruiser at home and excessively spanked the couple's three children. He verbally abused Hillary's mother, Dorothy, and Bond describes their relationship as 'sadomasochist'.
Quite how that all equates to Hillary having a need for a woman friend on her same political level, probably only a Freudian shrink would understand. But isn't it more likely that Hillary's character was shaped chiefly by genes rather than childhood trauma, or as one might say, like father, like daughter. Papa Rodham was a bullshitting, liar and sadistic bully, Hillary, I-came-I-saw-he-died-with-a-bayonet-up-his-arse-LOL Rodham Clinton was formed in the same genetic mold.

Which brings to mind the case of another powerful female, Margaret Thatcher, close friend of Jimmy Savile, the serial rapist and alleged child killer, and daughter of Alfred Thatcher, grocer, alderman, devout Methodists and a notorious paedophile who treated his wife like a doormat and groped his adolescent female shop assistants.

Stephen Harper's Looney Confrontation With Russia

We have everything to lose and nothing to gain through a show-down with our former Eastern Bloc foes. Lt.-Gen. Yvan Blondin, Chief of the Canadian Air Force, writing in July 2015 in RCAF Today

The Coming War With Russia

By David Pugliese

Ottawa Citizen, August 21, 2015: A couple of months before he retired in July, the head of Canada’s air force provided a blunt assessment of what might emerge from the current military mission to Ukraine.

“We pray that our ongoing NATO mission isn’t accompanied by the escalation of deadly force and the shedding of blood,” Lt.-Gen. Yvan Blondin wrote in the magazine RCAF Today. “We have everything to lose and nothing to gain through a show-down with our former Eastern Bloc foes.”

It was an unusual and candid observation from a veteran Canadian officer about the increased tensions and worsening situation in Ukraine. But Blondin’s warning also reflects an increasing concern among some in the United States and Europe about the possibility that the standoff in eastern Europe between Russia and the West could somehow end in war.

Read More

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The globalist Lies of the New York Times, No. 79: Trump Has No Substance, People Just Like That He's "Ballsy"

In a column entitled, "Why Donald Trump Won’t Fold: Polls and People Speak," the NY Times worries that maybe the popularity of Trump is not "an unsustainable boomlet dependent on megawatt celebrity, narrow appeal and unreliable surveys of Americans with a spotty record of actually voting in primaries."

But hopefully, of course, it might be.

Then, building on this hope, the Times, continues: "[polls show that] Trump has built a broad, demographically and ideologically diverse coalition, constructed around personality, not substance."

Oh well, then, not to worry if there’s no substance to the man, the sizzle will soon fade.

Except, the Times continues, Mr. Trump has built a ... diverse coalition, constructed around personality, not substance (there it is again — no substance)... In doing so, he has effectively insulated himself from the consequences of statements ... that might instantly doom rival candidates."

In poll after poll of Republicans, Mr. Trump leads among women, despite having used terms like “fat pigs” and “disgusting animals” to denigrate some of them. 
Actually calling some women "fat pigs" is probably why folks like Trump. Some women, after all, deserve such description, despite what the PC Timesey would have you assume.

Funny thing though, the Timesey has nothing to say about their own favorite, Hillary, who calls members of her security detail "shitkickers," "redknecks," "hicks" and "white trash," which is OK with the Timesey's PC crowd, I suppose, since they're all shitkicking males, ditto with Paul Fry, Bill Clinton's one-time campaign manager, described by Hillary as a "Fucking Jew Bastard" (and see here).

Then for God`s sake, the Times announces with feigned astonishment,
Trump leads among evangelical Christians, despite saying he had never had a reason to ask God for forgiveness.
In fact, the Times lies outright here. Trump has said he does not ask God for forgiveness, rather, he has said that he tries to do better next time, which seems a more promising approach to pleasing God than a grovelling plea for forgiveness.
He leads among moderates and college-educated voters, despite a populist and anti-immigrant message thought to resonate most with conservatives and less-affluent voters.
Another Timesey lie, there. Trump is not anti-immigrant, he's condemned illegal immigration, a totally different thing. But calling Trump anti-immigrant is the closest the Times dares come to smearing Trump as a proponent of the ultimate PC evil: RACISM.
He leads among the most frequent, likely voters, even though his appeal is greatest among those with little history of voting.
So don't worry folks, Trump's good poll numbers depend on people who don't vote when its election day.

Except that, eligible voters with little history of voting outnumber those who normally do vote, so if Trump mobilizes those reluctant voters, it could mean obliteration of those bought Globalist puppets who so turn off most voters.

And in any case, the Times says:
The diversity of his coalition could even be its undoing, if his previous support for liberal policies and donations to Democrats, for example, undermine his support among conservatives.
Like a Republican who can win Democrat votes, has no chance: is that the argument?

And his support, says the Times:
is not tethered to a single issue or sentiment: immigration, economic anxiety or an anti-establishment mood.
"Those factors" says the Times "may have created conditions for his candidacy to thrive, but his personality, celebrity and boldness, not merely his populism and policy stances, have let him take advantage of them."

So there you are again, Trump's success has nothing to do with what he`s saying, folks, its just his personality and celebrity have enabled him to take advantage of what really concerns people.

Asked the reason for their support for Trump voters "of varying backgrounds" all apparently "used much the same language, calling him “ballsy” and saying they admired that he “tells it like it is” and relished how he “isn’t politically correct.” They even like that he’s “He’s a person who gets things done.”

Well can you believe that? Everybody of whatever background calls Trump Ballsy!

Bit unlikely, innit?

But if they think Trump is telling it like it is, they evidently believe, unlike the Times, that Trump is talking real issues not PC bollocks, and pro-war pro-globalization lies.


but, Oh God, read the whole bloody silly article yourself if you want to know every damn silly thing the Times has to say to diminish the significance of the Trump campaign.

The reality is, however, quite different from the wishful, dumb, deceptive and outright mendacious thinking of the Times. A lot of folks think Trump might make a good president because he's not a career politician, but someone used to dealing with practical problems and solving them successfully. Americans liked Ike (General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Commander in Chief of Allied Forces in Europe during WWII) for the same reason.

But more important than that, Trump supporters like what hes saying:

There must be an end to uncontrolled mass immigration, which has swamped the labor market and created mass unemployment, especially among poor blacks and Latinos.

There must be an end to H1B visas for science, technology and math immigrants  until all qualified Americans are employed.

There should be recognition that America ha a Christian heritage that Christians should be proud to uphold.

There must be an end to off-shoring of American jobs to the sweatshops of Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere, which is driving down American incomes and driving unemployment sky high, and this can be accomplished with a tariff wall and tax incentives to induce corporations to bring capital back from abroad and invest it in American plants, design studios, laboratories and software labs employing American workers.

Those are the actual reasons that so many Americans support Trump, and if they understood clearly what Trump represents, they are reasons why most Canadians and Europeans would also wish Trump success in his campaign for the US Presidency.


Real Clear Politics: Trump vs. Jorge Ramos on Birthright Citizenship, Wall, Deportation: "We're Going To Start With The Gangs"

Telegraph: Europe sinking beneath wave of illegal immigrants


RN: Debunking the PC Line on Illegal Immigration

CanSpeccy: The Globalist Lies of the New York Times: No. 47 — Trashing Trump

CanSpeccy: Ending the Hegemony of Liberal Economic Ideas and Western Economic Stagnation

CanSpeccy: Baby Math for a Globalist Groupie: Or, the Average 2011 Earnings of the Lowest Paid 54% of American Wage Earners Really Was Less Than $12,500

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Hillary's Emails: The Media Account Makes No Sense

Supposedly, Hillary Clinton, as US Secretary of State, transacted tens of thousands of emails concerning State Department business, many of them unencrypted, by way of a private email server,, run by a mom and pop internet service provider located in a loft apartment, where the server hardware was housed in a bathroom closet, all of which raises a number of obvious questions.

Is Hillary a total idiot?

Does the US State Department have no protocols to insure the security of official communications?

Does the US State Department have no one responsible for communications security who would have realized very quickly that the Secretary of State was using an insecure home-based private server for official business?

Did none of Hillary's immediate subordinates with whom she was in continual email communication warn her and the State Department's communications experts that what she was doing was insane?

Has no one at the State Department been fired for failing to insure the security of the Secretary of State's communications?

Was the NSA, which routinely monitors Angela Merkel's cellphone conversations, really unaware that Hillary's email was available to any half-decent hacker, including a Romanian taxi driver who passed on the Benghazi emails to the Russians?

And has no one at the NSA been fired for failing to discover and terminate Hillary's colossal security breach?

The story of Hillary's emails as related by the media seems to make no sense whatever unless we are to conclude either that Hillary was running some kind of dead obvious disinformation project to fool those dumb Chinks and Ruskies, or that Hillary is just dead stupid and was allowed to proceed with her stupid private communications set-up in order to provide someone in the Administration ammunition with which, at some later time, to blackmail the Clinton's, who though apparently incredibly stupid, do control a Foundation worth billions.

But perhaps the entire Western media narrative about just about anything from 9/11 to the shootdown of MH17 over Ukraine and the Hillary's emails saga is shear total rubbish made up by the people who used to write those splendid stories for the National Enquirer like the one about a flying saucer that landed somewhere in Florida, which was illustrated with a photograph of what turned out to be a half buried toilet seat.


Fox News: Judge Jeanine: Hillary Could Be Charged With at Least 7 Crimes

Reuters: Dozens of Clinton emails were classified from the start

McClatchy: State Department did nothing to protect Clinton emails after hack

But still no one at the State Department has been fired?

The Washington Free Beacon: Watchdog: Two National Security Laws Appear Broken in Clinton Email Scandal

So are Hillary and her aides above the law, or what?

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Globalist Lies of the New York Times: No. 47 — Trashing Trump With Free Trade Bunk

The role of the New York Times is to serve the powers that be, namely the people intent on taking possession of the wealth of the world and subjugating the people to a plutocratic system of global governance that presupposes the destruction of the sovereign nation state, the United States, its people and their culture, included.

Trump's bid for the American Presidency constitutes an assault on this traitorous project. Trump is, therefore, to be a smeared with everything evil in the crippled mind of the politically correct, whether they be followers of the sadistic, I-came-I-saw-he-Died-with-a-knife-up-his-arse-tee-hee, Clinton, or Jeb the sibling of pro-torture, Dubya Shock-and-Awe Bush.

To this end, whatever Trump says must be twisted or misinterpreted to prove his bigotry, racism or stupidity, a task of precisely the kind for which the New York Times exists. And among Mr. Trump's most heinous crimes against the New World Order is his repeated charge that globalization has destroyed tens of millions of American jobs, which have been off-shored along with the necessary capital and technology to China, Mexico and elsewhere. Not only is this true, but public knowledge of the fact could destroy the American interests that own the Bush-Clinton-Obama puppets and reap the stream of profits of shipping American jobs and wealth abroad.

Hence step in Stephen Rattner, New York Times "contributing op-ed writer", a journalist turned private equity manager specializing in "distressed securities, and hedge funds," who, proceeding by way of a mendaceous PC smear worthy of Hillary Clinton, calls Trump an economic illiterate who fails to understand that globalization is good for everyone:
DONALD TRUMP’S economic views may not have garnered as much attention as his misogynistic statements, but they are equally unpalatable, evincing a lack of understanding of basic economics that is startling for a billionaire businessman. ... Take, for example, what seems to be his “No. 1” issue: trade. Mr. Trump believes the Chinese (and others) have been playing us for fools; using cheap labor, currency manipulation and trade barriers to favor their exports and limit our imports.
But says Mr. Rattner:
For centuries, as countries have developed, the locus of jobs has shifted based on comparative advantage.
There you are, then, all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds, and the proof of that fact with respect to the off-shoring of American jobs is provided by the economic principle of Comparative Advantage, which Mr. Trump supposedly does not understand. However, it is, in fact, Mr. Rattner who is an economic illiterate. Either that or Rattner is just a regular scumbag New York Times liar, for the principle of Comparative Advantage in international trade, which was formulated by the Anglo-Jewish bond trader, David Ricardo (1772–1823), explicitly excludes from consideration goods produced with capital and technology exported for the purpose of exploiting cheap off-shore labor.

The principle of comparative advantage, or comparative cost as David Ricardo called it, is quite subtle, which makes it easy for people like Rattner to lie about it. Those unfamiliar with the idea would do best to consult Ricardo's own account of the theory; although its practical significance can be stated briefly thus:
Ricardo demonstrated that for two nations without input factor mobility, specialization and trade could result in increased total output and lower costs than if each nation tried to produce in isolation. (Source, the Dallas Fed.)
And note the words that I have italicized. What "without factor mobility" means is without transfer of capital, labor or technology, i.e., without mass immigration of cheap labor, or outflow of capital and technology to cheap labor areas from which finished goods can be imported.

So yes, when IBM, Apple, Ford, GM and so many others move research, design, accounting and manufacturing functions to cheap labor areas with little in the way of workplace health and safety regulation and then sell the products back in the USA, they are seeking not Comparative Advantage, but Absolute Advantage, which substitutes cheap foreign labor for American labor, thereby impoverishing American workers. The result is to raise corporate profits, for as Ricardo explained "Wages plus profits, together, are always the same." Globalization means seeking Absolute Advantage, which means transferring income from workers to owners of capital. It is the intention of America's globalist elite to continue the drive for Absolute Advantage in international trade, while encouraging mass Third-World immigration to the US until such time as American labor is as cheap as that of an Asian sweatshop; say 75 cents an hour.


Thom Hartman: Picking Apart One of the Biggest Lies in American Politics: 'Free Trade'

U-Tube: Donald Trump's First Town Hall Meeting- Derry, NH (8-19-15)

CanSpeccy: GLOBALIZATION IS GOOD (For the Rich)

Trump's hateful goddam immigration plan

Donald Trump's hateful goddam policy paper on immigration makes the hateful goddam assumption that American immigration law should not only reflect the hateful goddam democratically expressed wishes of the goddam hateful American people but that the goddam hateful immigration law should be respected, goddam it.

Or as Patrick Buchanan explains in: Immigration is the Issue of the Century:
[Trump's] six-page policy paper, to secure America’s border and send back aliens here illegally, released by Trump last weekend, is the toughest, most comprehensive, stunning immigration proposal of the election cycle.

The Trump folks were aided by people around Sen. Jeff Sessions, who says Trump’s plan “re-establishes the principle that America’s immigration laws should serve the interests of its own citizens.”

The issue is joined, the battle lines are drawn, and the GOP will debate and may decide which way America shall go. And the basic issues – how to secure our borders, whether to repatriate the millions here illegally, whether to declare a moratorium on immigration into the USA – are part of a greater question.

Will the West endure or disappear by the century’s end as another lost civilization? Mass immigration, if it continues, will be more decisive in deciding the fate of the West than Islamist terrorism. For the world is invading the West.

A wild exaggeration? Consider.

Monday’s Washington Post had a front-page story on an “escalating rash of violent attacks against refugees” in Germany, including arson attacks on refugee centers and physical assaults.

Buried in the story was an astonishing statistic. Germany, which took in 174,000 asylum seekers last year, is on schedule to take in 500,000 this year. Yet Germany is smaller than Montana.

Read more 

Investment Watch: The real reason Donald Trump is so popular: He’s the surrogate mouthpiece for the things most Americans deeply believe (but are too afraid to say)

Jesse Ventura: Donald Trump Is “Shaking The System To Its Core”

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Donald Trump and the Coming Great Western Geopolitical and Economic Transformation

As I wrote during the last US Presidential election cycle, a Trump presidency would be the end of the New World Order, aka the Anglo-US project for global empire. Within a couple of weeks Trump will have  lock on the 2016 Republican Party presidential nomination. Then, for the first time since Bill Clinton signed America up to the 1994 GATT agreement for the abolition of the sovereign nation state in the management of economic affairs, Americans will have a choice on economic policy:

On the one hand, the current policy of off-shoring American jobs, uncontrolled immigration, cheap crap from China, and Walmart wages, on the other hand a return to controlled immigration, a tariff wall to create millions of new jobs enabling Americans makes shoes and shirts, computers and car parts for one another for decent wages.

In addition, Trump offers a choice on: foreign policy — an end to multi-trillion-dollar wars for global empire; education — and end to dumbed-down, Federal-government dictated propaganda under the guise of education for a welfarized mononocracy; taxation simplification to put tax preparers out of business and to induce American corporations to repatriate foreign held profits.

For ordinary Americans the choice is a no-brainer: Trump will win whoever the Dumbocrat establishment finds to represent their disgusting lib-left PC program for the destruction of America as a sovereign nation state.

With the collapse of America's imperialist project, Europe will at last be liberated from American occupation. At least a few of the most obnoxious puppets of the US-directed drive to genocide the European people by mass slaughter of the unborn, mass immigration, and multi-culturalism — the likes of Blair, Merkel, and Sarkosy — may get their comeuppance. Already, the front-runner in the race for the leadership of Britain's Labour Party is calling for Blair to tried for war crimes.

The return of economic sovereignty to America and Europe will mean a return to full employment, rising standards of living, a resumption of education as education not propaganda, and the return of national self-respect. As prices of manufactured goods again reflect the cost of local labor, there will be a period of adjustment during which prices rise sharply. Car prices for example could easily double or triple, similarly for electronics and apparel. But millions of the part-time employed, the unemployed and the totally discouraged workforce dropouts will have real jobs, self-respect and path for self-advancement, all of which are more important for human well being than any quantity of stuff shipped from Asian sweatshops for the enrichment of Apple or Nike stockholders.

Moreover, in a high-wage West, the automation revolution will take hold much more rapidly than in a West of high unemployment and a mass immigration of unskilled labor. That means high wage jobs in the West for the technicians, engineers and programmers who will drive this new industrial revolution.

What we are about to see is: an end to the Islamization of Europe; an end to the displacement of the European people by Third-World immigrants; a backlash against the treasonous agents of Western national destruction; a very tough time for immigrant groups in Europe unwilling to assimilate, including the possibility of large-scale expulsions; a sharp rise in inflation and interest rates; a general crash in property prices; a boom in stocks of home-based manufacturing companies.



Monday, August 10, 2015

Donald Trump is the New Hitler. LOL

According to Mike Whitney, the Republican Party and their media allies intend to take out Donald Trump following his candid acknowledgment during last Thursday's GOP Presidential nomination candidates' debate that as a businessman he routinely paid for political favor from all and sundry including most of the other debate participants, plus Hillary Clinton.

No doubt the Democrats will gladly make this a non-partisan mugging, since Trump is clearly the strongest candidate, indeed the only strong candidate, in the Republican field, which is to say a sure winner against the totally corrupt Hillary, I came, I saw, He died, Clinton.


Daily Mail: First major post-debate poll shows Trump GAINED 7 points from the previous week and has backing of 32 per cent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents

Since most Americans wouldn't trust a member of Congress not to steal from the Church collection plate, it is hardly surprising the Donald Trump, the first non-professional politician to run for the Presidency since, Dwight D. Eisenhower, is beating the beJesus out of the bunch of fakes, frauds and feebletons running against him for the Republican presidential nomination.   
Carly Fiorina on a roll: up from 1% to 3%! Image source.

Investment Watch: POLL EARTHQUAKE: Trump leading among minorities, insiders in total shock
If any insiders are really in shock that Trump leads among minorities, then they must be truly stupid, since it is the minorities more than any other group who want to see off-shored jobs brought back to America and that is what Trump has promised to do, and what no other candidate, Republican or Democrat, has or ever or will ever promise to do (and if they did promise it, the promise would be an absolutely dead certain lie).
Pepe Escobar: Trump trumps them all in Republican debates

WND: Rush: 'Orders from GOP donors to take out Trump'

Hillary Clinton's Secret War

Washington Times: Hillary’s secret war

Fox News: Judge Nap: Hillary Clinton Approved Arms for Terrorist Enemies of U.S.

HNGN: Hillary Clinton Sent Unsecured Emails Revealing Location Of Ambassador Chris Stevens and NATO Fighter Jets, Reveals Judge Napolitano

The Hill: Judge asked to seize USB flash drive containing Hillary Clinton's email

Washington Times: State Department blames classified info for Clinton email delays

PiMedia: Judicial Watch: State Dept. Demands Clinton Aides Return Copies of Federal Records

Canadian Free Press: Top Hillary aide Cheryl Mills: I’ve been told to destroy my e-mails

All links via WRH

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Megyn Kelly vs. Donald Trump

Megyn Kelly is a high class presstitute to be protected at all costs by the American establishment  and her pimp, the pornographer Poop Murdoch, proprietor of NewsCrap and Fix News. Thus, following Kelly's failure to throw Trump off stride with her sneak PC assault during the Fix-News-hosted GOP candidates' debate on Thursday, the Money-Power media are today in full drivel mode about Trump's allegedly coarse post-debate remarks about Kelly.

To stoke this furor is particularly vital since it distracts attention from Trump's eye-opening revelation during Thursday's debate of exactly how the Money Power owns America's so-called democratic government. Trump achieved this revelation simply by remarking that in his capacity as a businessman he had given money to most of the other candidates on stage, plus Mrs. Clinton (to help pay for the Clintons' jet-set lifestyle), the reason being to ensure the benefit to his business of their future political influence should it be required.

Thus it is that Republicans who think that expunging coarse language from the political debate is more important than giving control of America's supposedly democratic government to the American people will find their idiotic view almost universally supported by the media over the coming days. Perhaps they should consider switching their support to the truly PC democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton, who has received millions in donations from Fox News and whose use of abusive coarse language cannot be compared with that of Donald Trump.


CanSpeccy: Fox Prestitutes Smear Professor Who Questions MSM Narrative on Sandy Hook: Megyn Kelly and side-kick trash lowly professor who questions the official narrative on Sandy Hook

Zero Hedge: Martin Armstrong Asks "Did FOX Try To Politically Assassinate Trump To Maintain The Status Quo?"

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

PC Britain: Paedo Pervs in Power

Daily Mail: Moment whip in Sir Edward Heath's Government revealed that his job was to cover up scandals 'involving small boys' and the PM kept details in a 'dirt book'

Carl Duff: The Truth About... British Child Abuse Cover-ups (Part 1):

Carl Duff: The Truth About... British Child Abuse Cover-ups (Part 2):

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Atheists for Christ

The basis of any religious faith is neither a belief in God, nor a priesthood, nor rituals, nor fasts, nor prayers, nor worship nor animal sacrifice; rather, it is a commitment to an ethical code applicable to every member of society. Without a religion, no society larger than that of a family or small tribal group can function, since there is no basis of trust between strangers.

The ethical code is the core and vital component of any religion and the foundation of any successful society or civilization: all the rest of religion serves either to strengthen adherence to the code, or it corrupts the religion to serve interests other than those of society as a whole — the ease and comfort of a priesthood, perhaps, or an elite like that of the West today that sees the mass of mankind as disposable, and mostly unwanted. Purely secular religions are therefore possible: godless Confucianism has dominated Chinese thought for more than two thousand years, godless Communism ruled Russia for 70 years, sneeringly atheistic Political Correctness is now the religion of the West.

Whether due to differing degrees of corruption or a misconception about the nature of life, ethical codes are far from equal in their consequences: some preserve life and advance the interests of a nation or civilization, others may result in national self-destruction. Political Correctness is an example of a religion created as a weapon of mass social destruction. The antithesis of Christianity, which ruled European society as it rose to dominate the world not only militarily but in the arts, the sciences and every other branch of intellectual endeavor, Political Correctness is a religion of national self-genocide by means of mass slaughter of the unborn, the promotion of every form of non-reproductive sexuality, contempt for traditional female social roles, mass immigration and multiculturalism.

Driving the destruction of the Western religious and cultural traditions are the proponents of an adolescent atheism which asserts that because God does not exist, or because the world was created by the Big Bang, or because miracles do not occur, or because Jesus did not rise from the dead, the Christian code of conduct is thus somehow nul and void. 

Such intellectual immaturity, promoted with full media support by the likes of Richard Dawkins, John Cleese, and the late Christopher Hitchens is equivalent to asserting that Shakespeare had nothing to say about morality because his plays are fictional, or that Star Trek tells us nothing of the human condition because the Warp Drive is based on fake science, or that the Hobbit is unworthy of anyone's interest because Bilbo Baggins inhabits a world of magic. 

The logical reaction of one who finds the Biblical account of the life of Jesus factually implausible should not be to trash the Christian faith, but to read the Gospel as an inspirational story or myth, not history. Alternatively, one might edit the Gospels, which are based on mere hearsay and written by we know not whom long after the death of Jesus, to eliminate all reference to miracles, the virgin birth, and the resurrection. Having done so, one would still have the sayings of Jesus that underlay Western law and moral thinking from the Middle Ages until sometime in the late 20th Century, but without taint of the supernatural. 

Leo Tolstoy was among those who have rewritten the story about Jesus to eliminate the supernatural. The result, however, appeals to few. It is like Harry Potter without the magic. To most who have been raised in the Christian faith, the Nativity Scene has a charm unrelated to the question of its historical veracity. Moreover, the best lines in the Gospel story as related in the Bible, for example, "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone" or "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's" are lines for a dramatic genius die for, while the Biblical account of the Crucifixion is among the most heart-rending tragedy in all of Western literature.

Moreover, there are multiple strands to the Gospel story that allow it to be read in many ways. The opening words of John`s gospel, for example, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" encapsulates an entirely modern view of the world, the "Word" in the original "Greek" bible being "Logos" or "reason." The opening verse of John's gospel is thus a statement of the most basic idea underlying modern science, which is that the world can be understood through the application of reason and especially reason in mathematical form. 

Atheism neither refutes Christianity nor has any bearing on the validity of Christian morality and Western culture. Atheists, therefore, if they are as rational as they claim, must chose between the death of the West through the trashing of the Western culture, or the survival of the West, its people and traditional culture, through restoration of its Christian ethical tradition.

As Nikolay Nikolayevich remarked in Boris Pasternak's great novel Doctor Zhivago:
What you don't understand is that it is possible to be an atheist, it is possible not to know if God exists or why he should, and yet believe that man does not live in a state of nature but in history, and that history as we know it began with Christ, it was founded by Him on the Gospels.

Canspeccy: The rationality of Christian faith

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Myra Hess: Jesu, Joy of Man`s Desiring

Fr. James Martin: St. Francis

Donald Trump in 2013: It`s All a Big Lie

USA and Russia: Changing Places

Source: The Quarterly ReviewHold the Heart, Gregory Slysz considers the causes of Russo-Western antagonism.

Former US President Jimmy Carter: US an Oligarchy with Unlimited Political Bribery

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Will Dying Ukrainians Be Replaced by Afrikainians?

Image source.
All of Europe is dying. Fertility rates of the indigenous populations average less than two-thirds of the replacement rate, whereas rates for many Third World immigrant groups vastly exceed the replacement rate. In Britain, for example, mothers from Libya have an average of 5.58 children, closely followed by those from Guinea, with 4.84 and Algeria with 4.32 versus 1.4 for white British mothers. The result? Population replacement, aka genocide, with the Brits already having been made a minority in their own home in major cities including the capital city of London. Naturally, to the liberal left, mention of this genocide — promoted by all the agents of political correctness; government funding of the mass slaughter of the unborn; a public policy to denigrate traditional sexual morality and the stability of the family — is "racist:" after all to stop it would be to rob those Third World immigrants the right to take the place of Europe's posterity.

Ukraine is no different from the rest of Europe and faces demographic disaster with a fertility rate less than two-thirds of the replacement rate. But unlike the EU, Third Worlders are not flooding in to take the place of the missing Ukies — yet.

But once within the EU orbit, the New World Order project for genocide of the Western nation states will kick in with a vengeance and Ukraine will fill up fast with opportunist from the the Third World. Such immigrants, are no doubt mostly good people like the energetic, self-confident and optimistic, white Europeans who displaced the Amerindians, the Australian Aborigines and New Zealand's Maori during the 19th and early 20th Century. But are the people of Europe, the indigenous white people with native ancestry going back several thousand years, really intent on committing suicide? Do Europeans really support the efforts of their governments to wipe their race and their nations from the face of the earth, to be replaced by a mongrelized horde of Muslims, Hindus, Taoists, Buddhists, and practitioners of Voodoo? And did any European government give their people the slightest opportunity to express an opinion on their own destruction?

Ukrainians, however, still have time to chose their future. If, instead of allowing themselves to be driven to war against the superpower to their East, they were to reestablish friendly and productive economic relations with Russia, then Russia would surely wish to aid them in restoring the fertility of their population, while securing their borders from uncontrolled mass immigration.


Paul Krugman: White Americans are losing their country — the sooner the better

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Obama to Kenyan President: Grant Gay Rights — Kenyan President to Obama: Sod Off

CNN, July 25, 2015:

Obama equated legalized discrimination of gays to legalized racism in America...

[President] Kenyatta, however, said:

"Kenya and the U.S. share so many values: common love for democracy, entrepreneurship, value for families -- these are some things that we share," Kenyatta said. "But there are some things that we must admit we don't share. Our culture, our societies don't accept."

"It is very difficult for us to be able to impose on people that which they themselves do not accept," Kenyatta continued. "This is why I repeatedly say for Kenyans today the (gay rights issue) is generally a non-issue. We want to focus on other areas."

Friday, July 24, 2015

What's Not Headline News in the New York Times, WaPo, or the WSJ, No. 43: Veterans Prefer Trump to McCain By Double Digits

Among current veterans, a full 53% view Trump favorably compared to just 41% for McCain.

McCain’s unfavorable rating with this group is also higher than Trump’s, 49% to 42% respectively.

Among all Republicans, Trump still ties McCain with a 57% favorability rating. Only 3 points separate their unfavorable ratings with McCain doing a little better at 36% while Trump sits at 39%.

Trump’s favorability ratings have taken a hit since the McCain comments. Nevertheless, his support from GOP primary voters has jumped from 15% to 28% — double his second place rival, Jeb Bush, who sits at just 14%.


GS: Donald Trump's Top 30 Insults

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Political Correctness Has Replaced Christianity As the Religion of the West

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Communist religion of political correctness has replaced Christianity as the principal religion of the United States and its vassals and tributaries. To understand what this transition means, one needs to understand what constitutes a religion. A religion is not, essentially, a belief in God, or gods, the spirits of ancestors, or other supernatural entities; neither is it an organization, whether state-backed, for example the Russian Orthodox Church, or supranational, for example the Roman Catholic Church; nor is it a matter of ritual, prayer, worship or fasting. Rather, the essential feature of any religion is a code of conduct applicable to every member of society.

The existence of a shared set of ethical beliefs is essential to any society, for without it there is no basis upon which to engage with strangers in social, business or other relations. But not all ethical codes are equivalent in their consequences. Far from it, as the impact of Political Correctness in the West clearly shows.

The precepts of political correctness are the antithesis of those of Christianity. In the matter of sexual morality, for example, Christianity condemns masturbation, fornication, adultery, contraception, abortion and no-fault divorce, all of which are accepted or positively encouraged under the code of Political Correctness. Contrary to the impact of Political Correctness, the Christian code, which derives directly from that of the Jews, strengthens family ties, promotes population growth, and thus encourage people to "go forth and multiply and rule over the nations of the Earth." This the European peoples once did with enthusiasm, establishing populous colonies in the Americas and elsewhere.

But then the Europeans began to backslide. God, they discovered, does not exist. The story about Jesus they realized was only a myth, so why not enjoy sex without the costs of child birth and child-rearing. And if there is no God in Heaven to punish selfishness, why not ditch the wife at 45 and take on a twenty-something cutie? Or if you cannot afford the alimony, at least have something on the side.

The result? A collapse in Western birthrates to little more than half the replacement rate in much of Europe. But no prob., lots of poor folk from the Third World are ready to take the place of the missing children of the West. Thing is though, many of these immigrants are God-fearing fundamentalist Christians from Africa or Moslems from Africa, the Middle-East and Asia, from which fact it requires little intelligence to anticipate how this will end. It will end with the destruction of both the people and the culture of Europe and their replacement by people from elsewhere who have a more viable religious code.

But to object to the PC-induced self-genocide of the West is Vorboten because, according to the PC code, the Judeo-Christian belief in perpetuating one's own people is — yeah you got it — racist.

Still, folks are bound to wonder, what's driving this program of racial and cultural self-genocide and why?

An important factor is that the PC code appeals strongly to individual selfishness. It allows and even encourages every one of the seven deadly sins: not only lust, but gluttony (Noticed how may fat people there are in America and Europe? Though the PC code says we mustn't call them fat. It's not that they regularly pig-out on grease-filled hamburgers, fudge sundaes, Coke and Snickers bars, but that they are unfortunate sufferers of the disease of obesity; or simply that they are circumferentially challenged.); avarice (Ain't everyone just obsessed about money); anger (Haven't you noticed how the politically correct love to hate, especially white people, aka, racists, religious people, whether Christians or Muslims, and in particular, religious people who attempt to uphold the Christian or Muslim teachings on homosexuality, abortion, marriage, etc., etc.); envy and pride (Without which the advertising-driven Western economies would come to a virtual standstill.); and last but not least, sloth (Why should people work? "Each according to his need" as the Commies demanded, or "Share de wealf" as the rioters from London to Baltimore declare, with general support from President Obama and every other liberal).

But it is not just the innate selfishness of humanity that drives adoption of the PC religion: the push comes from the top, from the political class, the media, Hollywood, the publishing industry, the bureaucracy and the judiciary. Suggest that mixing men and women in the laboratory can be a distraction from the research in progress and the President of the Royal Society itself will trash your reputation as will the Provost of University College London and the President of the European Research Council.

So who's directing the people at the top: the university presidents, the school principals the police chiefs and bureau heads? The answer, as in all other matters that affect its interests, is the Money Power. It is the plutocratic elite, the people who control the mega-banks and giant international corporations that control both the media and the "elected", i.e, bought and paid-for, politicians.

So what's their purpose? To destroy the people, obviously, for reasons that are not difficult to understand. In the 19th century and early twentieth century the proletariat was, for the elite, a necessary evil: they worked the industrial machine and they provided the cannon fodder in wars of mass mobilization. But today they are needed for neither purpose in anything like their present numbers. Jobs in manufacturing, commerce, transportation and communication are being automated out of existence, leaving the need only for a small number of engineers and technicians to build and maintain the robotic systems. War, likewise, has become a high-tech business to be managed by a diminishing number of highly trained, full-time professional soldiers.

Political Correctness is thus a means to get rid of most of the people. Then the resources so uselessly consumed by the masses — land for cheap ugly houses, investments in highways for pointless shopping trips and recreational travel, hideous shopping malls for the vending of mostly useless junk, airports to take the swarming masses to the beaches the rich intend to privatize — will revert to the control of the elite at minimal cost. Then the surviving few will enjoy a much less crowded world, where a deracinated, mongrelized proletariat of a few hundred million people lacking any sense of national identity and without any stupid Western tradition of individual liberty will serve the elite with appropriate deference and in appropriate obscurity.

The takeover is to occur as in the demoralized and decadent post-Soviet states under the rule of corrupt agents of the Money Power such as Yeltsin in Russia, or Yanukovytch and Poroshenko in Ukraine, or in the West such as the Blairs, Clintons and Bushes.

But, hey, those damnable Russians have got their Orthodox Church back, and the Russian Orthodox church seeks to ban abortion. Already the bastards have stopped the collapse in Russia's population, and now that dastardly Putin runt is bestowing honors upon parents of large families. And the teaming masses of China are finding Jesus too. So who knows, the rule of PC in the West may have to be reconsidered.


Canspeccy: Atheists for Christ
TV.RU: Russians Think the EU Is a Moral Sewer. Child Molesters on the Evening News

David Hodges: The People vs. the Commie Barack Hussein Obama

Sam Rohrer, American Pastors Network: America and the West: Leaders of Moral Depravity

Michael Snyder: 11 Signs That America Has Already Gone Down The Toilet

Alexander Dugin: End of the 20th Century – The End of the Epoch of Modernity

Brandon Smith:The Future Costs Of Politically Correct Cultism
Marxism (collectivism) uses many vehicles or Trojan horses to gain access to political and cultural spaces. Once present, it gestates like cancer, erasing previous models of heritage and history in order to destroy any competing models of society. If you want to understand what is happening in America today, I suggest you research the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 1960's. We are experiencing the same Marxist program of historical and social destruction, only slightly slower and more strategic.
Younger generations are highly susceptible to social trends and are often easily manipulated by popular culture and academic authority, which is why we are seeing PC cultism explode with the millennials and post-millennials. In my brief participation on the left side of the false paradigm, political correctness was only beginning to take hold. A decade later, the speed of the propaganda has far accelerated, and we now have a bewildering manure storm on our hands. The result is a vast division within American society that cannot be mended. Those of us on the side of liberty are so different in our philosophies and solutions to social Marxists that there can be no compromise. The whole carnival can end only one way: a fight. And perhaps this is exactly what the elites want: left against right, black against white, gay against religious and straight, etc. As long as the PC movement continues to unwittingly do the bidding of power brokers in their efforts toward the destruction of individual liberty, I see no other alternative but utter conflict.

News Forge: More than 200,000 Germans formally left the Catholic Church in 2014, accelerating the downward trend in the Catholic proportion of the country’s population

Mish: Former US Democrat Presidential Candidate Calls for Internment Camps for "Disloyal" Americans

The Saker: How the Ukrainian crisis will eventually bring down the AngloZionist Empire

Monday, July 20, 2015

Britain's Crackpot, (and Murderous) Commies Still Thrive

Britain's post-war Labour Governments prior to that headed by the NeoCon, Tony Blair, set out to turn Britain Communist, albeit by democratic means. As related by WikiPedia:
The 1945-50 Attlee government nationalized about 20% of the economy, including coal, railways, road transport, the Bank of England, civil aviation, cable and wireless, electricity and gas, and steel. However there was no money for investment to modernize these industries... The Attlee government greatly expanded the welfare state, with the Family Allowances Act (1945) and especially the National Health Service Act of 1946, which nationalized the hospitals and provided for free universal medical care. The National Insurance Act of 1946 provided sickness and unemployment benefits for adults, plus retirement pensions. The National Assistance Act of 1948 provided a safety net for anyone not otherwise covered. 
Although elements of this program have endured and are widely considered to have been beneficial, the consequences of many aspects of this program of economic socialization were counterproductive. Nationalization of the railways and road transport resulted in astonishing inefficiency and corruption, including massive pilferage of freight on both road and rail.

To cover the costs of social programs, marginal tax rates of 80% plus, 90% plus and, briefly, under Labour Chancellor of the Exchequor Roy Jenkins, in excess of 100%, prevailed. Such disincentives to enterprise combined with widespread Trotskyite trades union leadership destroyed a large part of British industry, including the British motor manufacturing companies, the sole survivor being the Morgan company, which to this day, hand-builds a few hundred wood-framed sports cars each year.

The comprehensive welfare system inspired by past Labour administrations, has today created an underclass continually expanded through mass legal and illegal immigration that is not only disinclined to work, but indignantly denies that it has any responsibility to work, while riotously demanding that the government "share de wealf."

But faith in the idea, or at least promotion of the delusion, that wealth for the masses can be conjured by fiat if only sufficiently stern Communist measures are taken, is exemplified by a piece of tripe from former UK ambassodor, Craig Murray, writing about the fascists sympathies of some members of the British aristocracy (a sympathy shared, though not mentioned by Murray, by a good many members of the middle and working classes).
Their vast wealth and massive land ownership [of the aristocracy] contrasted with the horrific poverty and malnutrition of the 1930’s, led the aristocracy to fear a very real prospect of being stood against a wall and shot. Fascism appeared to offer social amelioration for the workers with continued privilege for the aristocrats. ...
The implication intended, it seems, is that aristocratic ownership of land somehow imposed poverty and malnutrition on ordinary people. However, farmland owned by the aristocracy was, obviously, farmed; the produce being made available for general consumption through the usual commercial channels. And this was not, in the 1930's, a profitable business for the aristocracy since British agriculture was unprotected from foreign competition and many aristocratic landowners were driven into bankruptcy.

That the aristocracy feared "the very real prospect of being stood against a wall and shot"was not altogether unreasonable in view of the fact that shooting landowners is one of the first things revolutionary Communist governments tend to do. That being the case, it was natural for the British aristocracy of the 30's to prefer Fascism to Communism, especially as, according to Murray, Fascism was thought to offer "social amelioration for the workers."

But that the British aristocracy avoided the fate of the Romanovs is evidently a matter for regret to Murray, who not only applauds the defeat of British fascism (has it really been defeated?), but regrets that "We never did get round to shooting the aristocrats."

Friday, July 17, 2015

Loathed and Despised By All and Sundry, Donald Trump Who Leads in the Race for the Republican Presidential Nomination, Must Be Saying Something Right

Check Google or Bing news for Donald Trump and you will find that in the mainstream media, for every positive story, there are a dozen belaboring Trump as a liar, a buffoon, a racist, or all of the above.

The mainstream news media, owned by a handful of giant corporations, are the voice of the money power. So what is it they find not to like about Donald Trump?

First, Trump demands vigorous action to stem the tide of illegal immigration to the US. But as George H. W. Bush observed decades ago, Latino immigrants "solve the servant problem." More generally, mass uncontrolled immigration is what is driving wages down, a most desirable consequence since, as David Ricardo long ago explained, "Wages plus profits, together, are always the same." Or for the sake of absolute clarity: lower wages mean higher profits, which explains the growing income divergence between the 1% and particularly the ).0001% and the 99%.

Second, Trump condemns offshoring of jobs to Mexico, China and the rest of the low-wage, low workplace safety, low environmental regulation world because it robs Americans of jobs and thus of income and hence accounts for the current 19 to 20% real unemployment in America, the 50 million Americans on food stamps and America's declining GDP despite a rising population, while the nations to which jobs are being off-shored have economies growing at unprecedented rates of six to 12%.

Third, Trump wants to end the Bush/Clinton plan for more wars for American empire, or rather for a global empire ruled by the oligarchs, a policy that would cut heavily into the profits of the Military-Industrial Complex.

There is a further problem with Trump. He actually means what he says, and that is obvious from the fact that Trump, unlike the big banks and other globalized corporations such as GM, IBM, Monsanto, Pfizer, Merck, etc., etc., has made his money selling stuff, mainly real estate and real estate services, to ordinary Americans. Thus, only rising prosperity among ordinary Americans, not mass unemployment and welfare dependence, will add to Trump's bottom line.

So Trump is committed to the defeat of the New World Order, in accordance with which the Western nation states, including the USA, are to be trashed in the interests of the money power, which seeks global rule via bureaucratic international organizations such as the UN, the World Trade Organization, and NATO, all of which can be controlled by undemocratic means, i.e., arm-twisting, bribery, blackmail and, if necessary, the occasional assassination.

As a populist, Trump's the real deal. Unfortunately, although rich, he's not rich enough to take control of a significant portion of the mainstream media, which, in the hands of its globalist controllers, will drag his name in the mud and trample on it until even most hard-pressed and exploited Americans will be convinced that he's a liar, a buffoon and a racist, or in other words a scoundrel interloper among the legitimate agents of plutocracy, the Bush's the Clinton's and any other accomplished liars who can be reliably bought. And if character assassination doesn't work, a bullet will do the job just as well, as already threatened (and here).


Irish Savant: Donald Trump: 'you know you're over the target when the flak starts flying

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FoxNews: Des Moines Register calls on Trump to drop out of 2016 raceHe's ahead in the polls, for God's sake. He'd just better quit, nothing else will stop him.

Unz Review: McCain and the POW Cover-Up

U-Tube: John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow's

GS: 88 Percent Agree With Trump! John McCain Betrayed His Supporters, Our Veterans And The Country

USAToday: Trump slams critics
John McCain the politician has made America less safe, sent our brave soldiers into wrong-headed foreign adventures, covered up for President Obama with the VA scandal and has spent most of his time in the Senate pushing amnesty. He would rather protect the Iraqi border than Arizona’s.
Zero Hedge: The GOP's Biggest Nightmare: Trump Dominates Fox News Poll

PuffHo: Trump not a serious candidate

PR: FED: Immigration flood taking jobs from American teens

WRH: Krauthammer: Talking about Trump is 'a complete waste of time'

Scotch Nats at Westminster Meddle in English Affairs in Desperate Attempt to Distract Attention from Their Complete Irrelevance

From the Daily Mail:
The SNP is to launch an explosive bid to interfere in English affairs for the first time.
MPs from Nicola Sturgeon's party have been ordered to engage with business leaders and communities in towns and cities to discuss local issues which may have no relevance to Scotland.

The contentious 'outreach plan' comes after the party ripped up its rule book and announced earlier this week it would oppose proposed changes to the fox hunting ban in England and Wales.

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson claimed that he now wants to capitalise on the 'good will' towards the Scottish Nationalists south of the Border.
They might as well just collect their paychecks, expense their shopping trips to London and otherwise save their breath.

Alternatively, they should cross the floor and join one of the unionist parties.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Damn Fool Atheists

Atheists pride themselves on their rationality. Most claim that God has been debunked by science and, in particular, by Darwin's theory of evolution. There is no need for a creator, they say, mankind was not created, humanity simply emerged from the slime by the process of natural selection among random variants of earlier life forms.

And if you ask these rationalists where the primeval slime came from they tell you it arose through the chemical and physical processes that in the course of billions of years shaped the earth, its climate and oceans.

And if you ask them where the earth came from they tell you it arose through evolutionary processes in the galaxy, involving star formation and supernova explosions and stellar nucleosynthesis and other events occurring over the 14 billion years since the birth of the universe in the Big Bang.

And if you ask them who set off the Big Bang, they tell you it was the result of a quantum fluctuation in the vacuum.

And if you ask them who created the vacuum and who wrote the rules that caused this Mother-of-All quantum fluctuations to occur in said vacuum they tell you, um, well, we've not yet worked that out, but obviously it wasn't a being in the form of a man with a gray beard, who set the thing going solely for the purpose of creating Planet Earth and its residents amazingly evolved in the image of the Creator.

So the atheist boasting of their scientific rationality and their evolutionism can tell you nothing whatever about the ultimate origins of the World or, therefore, of humanity. Or as Stephen Hawking wrote in a moment of candor about the physicists' Holy Grail, "the theory of everything," we don't know what it is "that breathes fire into the equations" or why "the universe goes to all the bother of existing."

Which means that for all their scientism, the atheists have no more idea than anyone else about why the universe or, therefore, humanity exists. In reality, therefore, the position of the atheists is simply this: they reject as meaningless and worthless rubbish the Bible, the Koran and the Gitas and other Holy writings of the World's religious faiths because they are not founded on science, which as we've just established, has nothing to say about the creation of the world.

But there's no reason for intellectual conceit in rejecting the truth of the Holy books. Obviously, as a literal account of the origin of the World, Genesis is bunk. Equally, as the portrait of an omniscient and benevolent creator, the Old Testament fails totally. On any objective reading of the Bible, Yahweh is a vain, ignorant, sadistic racist. But so what? Who's claiming the Bible represents historical truth, or the morality of America's new religion of Political Correctness? Well some ignorant people exploited by television evangelists may believe the former, and some crackpot liberal Christians, the Archbishop of Canterbury, for example, may try to believe the latter. But any half educated person or reasonable intelligence knows that Holy scripture is neither history nor an old fashioned version of political correctness. Rather, it is a collection of myths, rules of conduct, songs, poetry and words of wisdom that promote group survival and facilitate collaboration among strangers within a faith community. The great religions embody the codes of conduct that created the moral framework within which the World's great civilizations have survived over the course of the last several thousand years.

But atheists, apparently, cannot tolerate the telling of myths, or they hate moral rules, or they have no ear for poetry, or they hate to hear words of wisdom from a former time. More seriously, they fail to grasp, or they seek to deny, that religious narratives are neither historical nor scientific, but simply part of a vital mechanism of social organization. Anti-religious atheism is thus based on the failure to understand two fundamental features of human society; namely, the universality of religious belief, and the necessity of religion as the basis of a society-wide ethical code upon which the prosperity and the survival of a human community depends.

The universality of religion arises from the human propensity to endow moral rules with great emotional significance. This propensity is undoubtedly the result of Darwinian selection. Groups unable to uphold a system of moral rules were wiped out by socially better adapted groups, which is to say groups more susceptible to religious faith. By exploiting the human susceptibility to religious faith and the moral rules that religion embodies, the institutions of religion imbue all members of a society with the same moral values. It is the sharing of a moral code that ensures social cohesion and provides a basis for collaboration among strangers, rather than merely among immediate relatives and acquaintances as in the pre-civilizational mode of human existence. The importance of myths, music, poetry, prayer, fasting, etc. is that they add to the emotional significance of the moral code that the faith imbues.

In their contribution to the well-being of society, not all religions are equal. Many have failed, their adherents destroyed or converted to other faiths by groups with better religious institutions. Moreover, there is nothing universal about the myths and rituals of religion. God is not necessary to religion as the Communists demonstrated following the Russian revolution. Instead, as in Ancient Rome, people may be expected to worship an all powerful human ruler, a Caligula, a Stalin, or an Obama. In general, however, godless religions serve their adherents poorly. Rome under the divine-emperors became decadent and fell to the barbarians; Communism became decadent and fell to the Americans; and today, the American empire and its vassal states, which in accordance with the godless and supposedly rational religion of Political Correctness are committed to the destruction of their own peoples and cultures through the suppression of reproduction of the native population, the mass killing of the unborn, combined with the promotion of immigration of more fertile aliens of a different race and religion, are both decadent and apparently on the brink of implosion.

So, of course, God, as portrayed in Holy scripture of this or that religious faith, does not exist. But the myth of God the lawgiver still exists for the majority of the World’s population. Moreover it will be those of the more robust, god-fearing religious faiths who will inherit the earth, not the damn fool atheists and their brainwashed politically correct followers who take pride in destroying the religious faith of their own community.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Trump with Bill O'Reilly, Farage on Greece

VIDEO: Full, Unedited Donald Trump Speech From Phoenix — Saturday, July 11, 2015


Political Insider: Hillary Calls Trump a Racist: Trump Delivers Crushing Response
Failing candidate Hillary Clinton, who is desperately trying to hold on to her lead in the democratic primary against Bernie Sanders, is knowingly putting out lies about my stance on illegal immigration. I said “Mexico is sending”— I’m not knocking immigration or immigrants, but rather am very critical of the country of Mexico for sending us people that they don’t want. Likewise I am very critical of illegal immigration and the tremendous problems including crime, which it causes.

She is desperate, she is sad, and she is obviously very nervous when she has to revert to issues that have already been settled given the absolute accuracy of my statement. She speaks about “my tone” and that’s the problem with our country’s leaders. They are more worried about tone than results! It’s not about being nice— it’s about being competent.

Hillary should spend more time producing her illegally hidden emails and less time trying to obfuscate a statement by me that is totally clear and obviously very much accepted by the public as true. I am honored, however, that she is attacking me, instead of Jeb Bush. Obviously she knows that JEB is no longer her real competition. The last person she wants to face is Donald Trump.
Investment Watch: Was Trump Right? Fact Check: 276 ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Let 8,145 Illegal Offenders Free In Just 8 Months, Releases Rapists And Murderers…Hungary Seems To Have The Right Idea By Building Anti-Migrant Fence

Professor Kevin McDonald: How it Could Happen: The Candidacy of Donald Trump

CanSpeccy (in 2011): Will Donald Trump Trump the New World Order?

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Greece: Democracy Versus Disaster Capitalism

The dupes or mouthpieces of scumbag capitalists, the mega banks, and their political agents, having failed to intimidate the Greeks into voting yes for austerity, are now saying that the referendum no means nothing other than perhaps a trivial lessening of the punishment to be imposed on the Greeks by their creditors. In particular, it is asserted that whatever the ultimate arrangements, those work-shy, tax-evading, early retiring Greeks will have to work much harder and longer for less, while paying more tax and selling off state assets for cents on the Euro to capitalist predators such as George Soros. 

Thing is though, there's no way short of war that Greece can be made to repay it's sovereign debt, which now totals 180% of GDP. So if the Greek government keeps its nerve, the question will prove to be not about the terms imposed on Greece by the disaster capitalists, but the terms imposed on the disaster capitalists by Greece. 

And how that question is resolved has no bearing on the other question critical to Greece's economic health, namely, whether Greece retains the Euro or restores its own currency. For reasons we spelled out elsewhere, the Euro is highly toxic to the slower growing European economies, which are forced by the overvalued Euro — relative to their productivity — to tolerate unnaturally high unemployment, and low investment, while at the same time it is highly advantageous to Germany and other faster growing economies which enjoy as a result of the undervalued Euro — relative to their productivity — the benefits of abnormally low unemployment and high investment. 

The problem of Greek debt and its resolution is brilliantly stated by French economist, Tomas Picketty in an interview with the German newspaper Die Zeit: "Germany Has Never Repaid Its Debts; It Has No Standing To Lecture Other Nations".

The time for the creditors to slash Greek debt and for Greece to exit the Euro is now.


WUFS: Planned US Coup in Greece?